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#ENCW Project: Texas Update

Dollars Raised:

  • PAR stations collectively have raised more than $90,000 for God’s Pit Crew as of Wednesday.
  • Stations working with i58:10 Media have collectively raised more than $200,000 as of Wednesday, according to David Harms, president of the agency. Those stations include the Barefoot Media Group (Idaho), KSGN (Riverside, California), Shine FM (Chicago) Hope 107.9 (Eugene, Oregon), The Bridge (Delaware), The Promise (Jacksonville, Florida) and Christian FM (Vero Beach, Florida).
  • Bill Scott from Share Media reports that $100,007 was raised Wednesday at The Fish (Cleveland, Ohio) for Feed the Hungry. The fundraiser will 710 funds of emergency supplies. Scott also says 35 semis will be headed to Texas.

On-Air Fundraisers:

  • Christian FM began their full-day fundraiser Thursday. This includes the local station in Vero Beach, Florida and most of the Christian FM programming service/network, according to Jon Hamilton, President.
  • PAR stations Your ‘PER (Fredericksburg/Richmond, Virginia), Spirit FM (Lynchburg/Roanoke, Virginia), and Walk FM (Ashland, Kentucky and Huntington, West Virginia) all began full-day fundraisers on Thursday.
  • Shine FM (Chicago) began another full day of fundraising on Thursday.
  • Joy FM (Dothan, Alabama), part of Radio Training Network, began full-day fundraisers for Feed the Hungry on Friday.
  • HisRadio (Greenville, South Carolina), a member of the Radio Training Network, will do a full day of fundraising for Feed the Hungry on Friday.

Other Efforts:

  • With their annual fundraiser just days away, 88.3 Life FM in Bakersfield, California has committed to giving back a portion of their money raised to God’s Pit Crew to provide as many Blessings Buckets as possible. 
  • Spirit 88.9 and 100.1 in California are mounting their campaign for God’s Pit Crew, according to General Manager Bob Croft. He reports the station is using Facebook, email, and on-air resources to encourage listeners to donate.
  • Fuel 95.9 FM in Traverse City, Michigan began encouraging listeners to donate to God’s Pit Crew via Facebook on Wednesday.

Outpouring of Support:

  • Bill Sammons reported tremendous response from listeners to The Bridge (Delaware). The station set out to raise $10,000, but finished at $19,351 or more than 194% above goal. Additional overnight giving pushed that total to $20,510. What’s more, one listener donated a used industrial generator to God’s Pit Crew.
  • Denise Harper, also with The Bridge, reported that a listener handed her a $500 check Wednesday evening. “People really wanted to give. I believe they were searching for where their giving could maximize effectiveness for the hurting. Trusting their local radio station to vet a ministry that is doing what God’s Pit Crew is doing directly opens the door for them to feel at peace that they are giving wisely and making a big difference! We are stronger when we’re connected!”
  • KSGN received a $5,000 donation from a listener one day after concluding their on-air event for God’s Pit Crew.
  • KTSY was invited to do its one-day fundraiser at Idaho’s largest mall, The Village at Meridian, on Wednesday. The mall donated $2,000 as a matching challenge, General Manager Brian Yeager reported.
  • Brian Utter of Shine.FM reported that one listener going door-to-door in her neighborhood to collect for Blessing Buckets.

God Showing Up:

  • LaNora Purvis, Executive Director at Heaven’s Army of Resources (New Caney, Texas) messaged Randy Johnson, Executive Director of God’s Pit Crew:

    “Two days ago I literally cried to God asking Him for help. Our ministry had nothing to give but was receiving calls for help nonstop. Within hours I heard you guys were coming to drop off donations here. I literally saw God open the doors of Heaven’s favor and blessings and a big 18-wheeler come through with…”God’s Pit Crew” on the side of it!”

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