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EMF Names New Nashville Location

EMF announced this week it is officially relocating its global headquarters to the Berry Farms community in southern Franklin, TN (Nashville). In March this year EMF, currently headquartered in Rocklin, CA, said it would ne moving to Tennessee in the next 2-3 years. This week EMF closed on an 11-acre property in Williamson County.

“Middle Tennessee is the hub for Christian musicians, publishers, filmmakers and industry professionals, making it a great place for us to call ‘home,’” EMF CEO Bill Reeves said. “It is incredibly important to us to be somewhere that shares our values.

“We’re excited to bring our headquarters here. The content we’ll be broadcasting from this community will impact people across the U.S. and around the world.”

The new EMF headquarters will include 170,000 square-feet office space with six floors where the KLOVE, Air1, broadcast facilities, podcast and video production studios, and a worship center will be located. Construction on the facility is scheduled to begin in mid-2022.

EMF brings in annual revenue of roughly $200 million, according to Reeves.

In May this year Reeves said, “The reason we did that, in part, was because of some of the challenges here in the area with housing inventory. For us, we felt like staging that over a two- to three-year period would be easier on the county and easier on us.”

Already over 100 EMF employees are working in the temporary office space in Franklin, and 500 employees are expected to be based in the Berry Farms location down the line.

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