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Doug Hannah To Exit “The Message”

After nearly 19 years hosting mornings on SiriusXM “The Message“ Doug Hannah is stepping away. His last day on the air will be Friday, April 21.

Doug tells HisAir, “I’m grateful to SiriusXM for what has been a tremendous opportunity for me, and it has been fun to watch my friend Al Skop turn it into a major force in Christian music. I’ll always be glad to have been associated with the company.”

Doug will continue his on-air work for KCBI/Dallas hosting middays and SmartRadio Suite.

Also, Christian FM Media Group and SmartRadio Suite announce, The Doug Hannah Show has been added to KYTT/Coos Bay, OR (K-Light).

KYTT GM Rick Stevens says, “Balancing information, inspiration and entertainment is like searching for the Holy Grail for us. As our listeners mature, both demographically and spiritually, cliches and canned show prep content doesn’t cut it anymore. We selected Doug because he’s thoughtful, original and he’s a great communicator. Honestly, it was an easy decision.” 

To find out how to add The Doug Hannah Show to your station, contact Paul Tipton, paul@smartradiosuite.com.

26 thoughts on “Doug Hannah To Exit “The Message”

  • I love hearing u on the THE MESSAGE. I’LL miss hearing U..

    • I lost my husband 15 months ago and Doug has been a lifeline for me. He always knows the right thing to say and how to deliver the right message. Will miss him so much. I’m happy for him. Sad for his audience. Love you, Doug.

    • I miss hearing you on the Message while I’m in my car on the way to work and at work.

  • I’ll never forget hearing Doug say this one day on The Message and will never forget it.

    “Do you know how big your God is? Do you know today in the Goliath sized situation that you are up against, just what that situation is up against. Put your trust in your God!”

  • My morning rides to work won’t be the same. Hearing your positive influences will be missed. Thanks for keeping me sane on days that I didn’t feel like I could go on. I wish you all the best.😉

  • That voice! Amazing how we connect to someone’s soothing and kind voice. Always having the right words. From all Message listeners over the years, THANK YOU for what you do. You’ve been a true dedicated disciple of Jesus and we all love you for that. May God continue to bless your path.

  • I always say that you have the perfect voice for The Message.
    Mr. Hannah, we will miss hearing you on The Message, but wish you the best in your new endeavors.
    May God continue to bless you.
    You have been a blessing to many.

  • Doug, there’s so many things to say. First off you have such a calming radio voice. I lost my husband ten years ago, leaving me to raise. 10&12 year old. My life was chaotic Needing peace, I stumbled on to The Message when you were on. You have helped me so, reminding me that God isn’t far from us at all. Last year on Easter I lost my 92 year old mother who had become my best friend. Feeling that loneliness again, you just knwhat to say. The music is helps put me in such a better mood. I’ve been working at a tax office for the past 4 years and listen with headphones on in Dexter, MI

    You will be sorely missed. I’m happy for your new endeavors

  • Mr. Hannah,
    Thank you for all your timely words of encouragement.
    You have been a true blessing to me and so others.
    You are a true servant of the Lord.

  • Mr Hannah
    Listening to you every morning helped me feel supported on my journey to sobriety. Thank you always having such a soothing voice and and being so positive in how you share the Lord’s blessings. You will be missed.

  • I found out by accident this morning that Doug Hannah was leaving. I really did enjoy turning on the radio and listening to him. He will be greatly missed. Best of luck to him!

  • Doug, thank you for sharing your heart and being willing to be raw… it is healing for your listeners. You are in my prayers for healing over your loss. Blessings in your future endeavors.

  • Good luck to you Doug, I enjoyed listening to you at my desk at work. Your words helped me get through some tough days since losing my 14 year old daughter on December 14, 2022. I wish you the best, God is Great!

  • Good Morning Doug,

    I wanted to let you know how much your morning words of encouragement have meant to me. I have a very stressful job and there are days that I’m like why do I bother. Then I get in my Jeep and turn on the Message and there you are with your every calming voice speaking words that seem to always be directed to me. Your words are always to impactful no matter what they are. Doug, you have an amazing gift. You will be truly missed and I hope that somehow you can be back on Sirius so I can have my morning words of encouragement. I wish you and you family all the best in the next chapter of your lives.

    Patricia Leach
    Vista, California

  • Best wishes on your next journey Doug! I enjoyed listening to you on the message on my morning drives everywhere.

  • So many of your inspirational comments between songs on The Message have impacted me and, in turn, my family and people I mentor. Most recently, you talked about being free to be our best selves without the pressure to attain awesomeness. This detail about Christian life and God’s character has spread like wildfire in just a few days through my family, freeing generations from bondage to the pressure of feeling inadequate.
    Thank you for your service through The Message. I will be looking for other ways to hear your shows and grab snippets of truth over the radio.

  • Doug Hannah, thank you. I’ve loved listening to your show here in Scranton, Pa. Listening to your signing off is more emotional than I ever expected. May you be blessed in you new life season.

  • Mr. Hannah- in this crazy and mixed up world you have been a light in beacon of Hope. Listening to you reminds me that none of us are going through this world alone.

    I will truly miss your voice, your message, your inspiration and reminding me that Jesus is always with us.

    Wishing you and your family only the best. God bless you.


  • Thank you Doug for all the hours you’ve given me in my rides to work.
    Such a wonderful attitude EVERY SINGLE TIME I was fortunate to hear you.
    May God Bless You in your next adventure of life.
    Thank You
    Dean H

  • Dear Doug,

    You will never know until I see you in eternity, how your words have been helping me survive the most difficult season in my life. There were many mornings when I didn’t know if I could keep going. But listening to the Message, your encouraging words would come on at exactly the right moment, and it was pure hope and light in the darkness for me.

    Billy Graham once said that we shouldn’t mourn for him when he finally passes away. He explained that he would not be dead; he would just be “…changing his address”. I also lost my Mom not long ago, and I miss her all the time. But maybe our two Moms have already met each other at their new address?

    I just listened to your final morning on the Message, and (sadly) heard you sign off for the last time. I wrote down your final message to your listeners. I will pray for you and your family, and I know God has wonderful plans for you! – Frank C. in Ohio.

  • Thanks Doug,

    Like so many listeners stated above in their comments, you have a calming voice and much more than that you words of comfort were a beacon of hope for myself each and every morning that i would listen to you. Thanks for wonderful words of encouragement, may God Bless you and your family. I am going to try and stream your radio station that you are on so that I can still listen to you….

  • I somehow missed you were leaving. Everyday I still expect to hear your voice, so calming and always giving me a specific verse I need. Thank you for this, your listeners will miss you.

  • Doug, miss your calm, soothing voice, SO MUCH! Wish you were back.

  • Doug I miss hearing you on the Message, I lost my Uncle Jr. in May 2022, then My Aunt Alice in October 2022,then my uncle James on December fourteenth 2022 so i have been reading the Word and missing you on the Message. May GOD bless you and your family and keep up the good fight.


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