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DeShawn Moore Interview

DeShawn Moore
Morning Host
WRNP – Rhythm and Praise 94.1 
Ft Wayne 

Career Capsule: I started my radio career at the age of 16 with my own teen talk show, “Just Joy.” I am a Taylor University Alum and former News Reporter/Anchor and Production Assistant for Indiana’s News Center. Recently I won Radio Announcer of the Year by the Gospel Choice Music Awards, and I am a two-time Rhythm of Gospel Award Winner for my publication, Moore Gospel Magazine.


DeShawn, tell us what’s new at WRNP – Rhythm & Praise 94.1… news, changes, & with new with YOU… etc?

We are growing and gaining new listeners daily. We are excited about our RNP 94.1 Fall Partnership Drive, “Raise Your Praise” Fundraiser, October 12-14, 2022. 

Not only am I a Morning Show Host, I’m also an actress. I am excited to announce I am cast in a lead role for the powerful hit stage play, “Dear Diary, He Beats Me Because He Loves Me….”, Saturday, October 8th at the Auer Hall, addressing Domestic Violence alongside another favorite radio star, Bigg Kess, Comedian and influencer, Cam Coleman (Snacks) and many more of Fort Wayne’s amazing actors.

I play Esha, A God-fearing woman who cannot have children and her husband holds it over her head as well as verbally abuses her. It’s a must see!

I will be a keynote speaker in the Holy Land- Israel for the “WOMEN OF THE BIBLE TOUR 2023” presented by Dr. Ruth Pauline Plummer, First Lady of Israel, COGIC and Covenant Daughters International Ministries, July 17-26, 2023. I am so honored to be among so many honorable women to bring the Word to the World.


You’re the morning show host, what ingredients are important to make your show successful?

Having a true heart for the well being of our listeners and being sensitive to the spirit concerning their needs. Prayer is a big part of my show. One time, I was led to pray protection over our school children. Then I get a call from a parent who tells me that her daughter had an attempted kidnapping. They were praising God for the prayer. It’s all God! Moments like this make radio ministry worth it all.


What is the best show/programming advice you’ve been given? The worst?

Always go back and listen to yourself (I hate listening to me) LOL! You can critique yourself which helps you improve your craft. The worst was, “You have talent and that’s enough. Just get behind the mic and go for it.” Nope! It takes more than talent; It takes preparation, practice, and then repeat.


What’s something you’ve learned due to the pandemic, about Christian Radio, that you didn’t know before?

That radio is still one of the best ways to reach the masses for ministry, happenings in the community, exposure for businesses and motivation. It’s still relevant!


What is your opinion of podcasts for stations & air talent, are they necessary, must have one, etc?

I think anytime a specific platform is used to spread the message of Jesus Christ or a life-changing topic that’s going to move listeners life forward, is always necessary. Everyone hasn’t returned to church. Each platform can reach different audiences in ways another may not.

Radio personalities are still needed. It is their personality, unique style, and positive vibes that bring a station to life. People love hearing from all of our DJ’s: Midday’s with Jamal Bates, The Afternoon Show with Mo, and Sunday Praise with Pastor J. Each show, meets the needs of our audience with their unique delivery that keeps our listeners, excited, laughing, and encouraged.


Where will new up and coming air talent for Christian Radio come from?

They will come from colleges, churches, and everyday people from all walks of life. It’s the ones no one thought could do this. They are usually the behind-the-scenes stars waiting to shine. I believe now more than ever, radio personalities need to be mentors to those who desire to do this. That means, sometimes, making yourself available to reach out to those who want to start a radio career.


Generally speaking to the industry what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian air talent?

Competition with other platforms like social media, Netflix, and other media outlets. We have to stay relevant, creative and move with the times and different platforms to sustain our platform and remain relevant.


Who are your radio heroes and influences? and why?

My radio heroes are Meta Washington, Tom Alexander, and DeLois McKinley-Eldridge. One of my biggest influences in my life is my amazing husband, Pastor David Moore, Pastor of Victory Worship Center. This man has shown me what true perseverance, unconditional love, and hard work looks like. He never allows me to give in, always believes in me, and supports me in everything I do. He has shown me through his actions, what the love of God truly looks like.

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