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Dawn Miller Interview

Dawn Miller
Digital Media Coordinator/Weekend Host
WPOS – Proclaim FM
Holland, OH


Career Capsule: While I am new(er) to the radio industry (going on 5 years), I am certainly no stranger to radio! Before taking on the role (that was created for me, by the way!!) of Digital Media Coordinator at Proclaim FM, I did a lot of volunteer work both at another radio station during fundraisers (more on that later), and at concerts. Either working merchandise or child sponsorship booths. As a lover of both music and technology, I feel like the two fused together and formed my dream job.


Dawn, tell us what’s new at WPOS & new with you etc… ?

WPOS (Otherwise known as Proclaim FM) has been in existence for almost 56 years. In fact, we celebrate our anniversary as a station on September 9th! We also have an event center, with a full sized gymnasium, community room, full commercial kitchen, and even a baseball field! With the COVID shutdowns finally behind us (Praise the LORD!), We are back in full swing with party rentals and sports teams utilizing the space, and of course we host concerts as well. We also host two craft/vendor fairs a year. We just finished our summer fair a couple weeks ago, and our Christmas one is the first Saturday of November. That’s always so much fun!

As far as new with me, just keeping busy! Along with my responsibilities at the station, I also serve on my church’s worship team as a vocalist, and was recently appointed on the board of directors for a local nonprofit called Operation Surprise Attack, which is an organization that collaborates with individual, community and corporate partners to send cards to kids experiencing severe or rare health challenges to encourage them on their health journey.  As someone who battled a lot of health issues growing up (some ongoing still today), it’s important to me that kids know that they aren’t alone when they are going through tough times like this.


What are the 3 main ingredients to make a promotion successful?

1- Preparation – It is key to plan out how a promotion will go. I find that when everything is mapped out and organized in advance, it makes the whole thing go very smoothly. Organization is key!

2- Purpose- I am a big proponent of the heart (and goal) behind something. I don’t want to do a promotion for the sake of having a promotion. Sure- promotions are fun, but after all the effort and time that’s put into one, it is my desire for it to leave a lasting impression with ou listeners, as well as everyone involved.

3- Promote- I know, I know… it seems silly to have this word as an ingredient when it’s part of the initial question, but it’s really one of the keys! If you don’t do a good job getting the word out about whatever contest you’re running…. It’s not going to be successful. Everyone on the on-air team needs to be on the same page about what the goals are for the promotion, how it’s going to work, etc…  This phrase may be familiar to you, but “teamwork makes the dream work”!


What is the best promotion advice you’ve been given? The worst?

The Best- don’t be afraid to ask others from stations in other markets what has worked for them and build off of that. One great thing about the Christian music industry is that we share ideas. You won’t see that in mainstream radio!

The worst- fake it till you make it! Seriously! I mean… that can get you only so far, right???


What is the one thing YOU must have to do your job every day?

COFFEE!!!! I’m serious! I have to have my cup of Joe or I’m not going to be productive! If you know, you know…. But also, Jesus for sure. If I don’t start my day with time with Him, I definitely notice- and so do my coworkers!


In your opinion what makes the ideal station promotion?

Something that promotes not only us as a radio station, but the community as a whole. For example, during the summer, we have our 102 (One-Oh-Two) Days of Summer Fun promotion, a play on our frequency (102.3). Our goal is to get giveaways for our listeners that promote getting out into the community and experiencing what it has to offer. It gets families out and experiencing maybe something they didn’t know that our area even has!


Regarding social networking and promotion, what have you had the most success with?

Texting has been a game changer for our station! In many ways, but especially in promotions. Engagement is probably the best it has ever been, in my opinion. Technology for the win!


How do you measure the success of a great promotion?

            1- were we able to connect with the community?

            2- Are we building relationships?

Those seem to go hand in hand, but they are both very important questions to ask.


Who are your radio heroes… and why?

I could get into so much trouble if I named names right now, because I don’t want to leave anyone out! Especially here locally. I became friends with radio people before I even had an INKLING that radio would be part of my future! YES FM had a lasting impact on my formative years, and I am still friends with many people from there. They are amazing, and really taught me a lot (I used to volunteer for them for many, many years). Even though I work at a different station, I value their input and their friendships that have only gotten stronger over the years.

And… this may sound like I’m searching for brownie points… I promise you I’m not. I mean this with everything I have in me. My fellow on air colleagues. Both at my own station as well as other stations that I tune into. Listening to their shows, I have learned so much, and I take notes. I’m serious! We’re all in this together after all! I love this community that we have that we can learn from each other and build each other up. Isn’t that what the body of Christ is all about?

3 thoughts on “Dawn Miller Interview

  • Dawn – what an amazing interview. They are very fortunate to have such a dedicated employee who loves her work & is talented in so many God- given gifts & using them to touch hearts & lives for the Lord! God bless you Dawn as you continue to bless others in this ministry! 🥰

  • It’s a pleasure to know you, Dawn and the witness you are for the Lord. God has used you in so many wonderful ways. We are fortunate to have you on the Proclaim team.

  • Great words! Love listening to your show when I pop into the Toledo area once in a while on the weekends!


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