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David Palmer Interview

David Palmer


Career Capsule: For the last 20 years I have overseen the sales, marketing and branding of ChristianNetcast. Prior to that I worked as an executive with multiple data companies in sales and marketing as well as part of several acquisitions of large mergers including MCI, Worldcom Cable and Wireless and others. Early on in my career I served in the US Navy aboard the USS Bainbridge. Born and raised in Maine I have to say my heart is here. While I have lived all over the US I always end up back home in Maine.


David, tell us what’s new at ChristianNetcast… news, changes, & with YOU… etc?

This year has been one that has been very exciting for the company and challenging for me personally. CNC is celebrating 20 years of service to the radio industry. It just does not seem possible. The thought hit me at the beginning of the year that before there was Netflix and Hulu there was ChristianNetcast. Personally I have lost several dear friends this last year and has caused me to become very reflective. 


Regarding your 20th year anniversary, tell us how the idea for ChristianNetcast came about?

20 Years ago Todd Vantasel and myself were at a church service in Maine during a snow storm. Todd was working on putting software on a PC out back by the soundboard so his mom could listen to the service. When we started we marketed CNC to churches, but 20 years ago churches were hesitant to do anything on line. So we started to market toward Christian radio and it exploded. 


What in your opinion, should stations consider when choosing a streaming partner?

Longevity. Over the last 20 years we have seen many providers come and go. But something else is the understanding of what other services streaming companies provide. Some would be shocked to learn that they are doing business with companies  that also service industries that are in direct conflict with their ministry message. 


What trends do you see emerging with station streaming?

There is an old saying “when you have been around long enough you see things come full circle.” Well stations are now using their streams to become more interactive with their listeners. Ease of use. The old “less is more.” 


What is something you feel Christian Radio stations are not educated on regarding streaming audio… explain?

How bit rates and codecs work and the benefits and limitations of both. Early on to get a quality sound you needed an MP3 stream that ran at a 128k. Now with new codecs like HEAAC plus you can get that same quality running 32k. This is a big benefit for mobile listeners because the higher the bit rate the greater chance that listeners will experience interruptions on their streams. 


Where do you see the most growth for your industry?

Being able to tie everything together with ease of use. Today a listener wants to not just listen to the stream but connect with the station, know what song just played, and information about upcoming events. Recent changes to our network allow us to use all of this data to relay information to the listener without intruding on their privacy. listeners are bypassing apps that require alot of personal info to download. That is why our network allows mobile users to listen with out an app as well as with one.


What is the ONE thing you must have every day to do your job?

Focus! We live in a time of distractions everywhere we go. It is sometimes so hard to complete the simplest of tasks because of the many distractions each day. I have recently taken a little time each day do read a short blog or part of a book that helps you set your focus for the day. I have to admit there is almost always a self help book within reach. 


Who are your influences, and why?

My mother has to be my greatest influence. Before they called it a home based business my mom was doing it. She ran a cake and donuts shop and was a true entrepreneur. She grew her business until she decided to retire. My mom also had unshakable faith. If she ever had a problem that was just to big for her she would hand it over to God. We all talk about doing that but mom truly would not take up the problem again, it was in Gods hands.

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  • Great interview, David! Thanks for the great work you do to enable Christian radio to be heard world-wide. What a blessing to people in nations without Christian radio!


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