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David McIver Interview

David McIver
Executive Director

Career Capsule: David joined the PraiseLive team in 1985, and his life purpose is to look for the one who needs to experience Jesus.


What’s new at PraiseLive?

In 2015 God prompted us to sell our Twin Cities signal KNOF 95.3 FM. This step of obedience meant we were free from a debt of $5.7 million and released
resources to pursue a vision God gave us 30 years ago. A vision for every tribe and nation to experience Jesus together. Specifically, this opened the door for the formation of PraiseLive Africa, which shares the Good News of Jesus on over 100 F.M. signals and outlets across

But even as God opened doors around the world, we still had a vision and passion for the Twin Cities. Our staff began to pray for the impossible. And God answered. We re-purchased KNOF this year and are honored to join what God does to reach and redeem the Twin Cities. (We are so grateful for K-Love’s heart to sell KNOF to us!)


How have you (PraiseLive) been affected by the pandemic?

In addition to building home studios, the most significant impact was addressing the pain and fear in our listening family. Hearing their voices deepened our commitment to offering an opportunity to experience Jesus and engage in His Word.


What makes PraiseLive programming unique?

Our prayer is to be part of God’s global strategy. Because “God so loved the world,” we are both local and global. Our afternoon host Chaz hosts a global Bible study. His co-host at times is our Africa presenter Charlotte from Namibia. As you listen, you’ll hear Charlotte is praying for a family in Minnesota, and Chaz praying for a family in Ghana! Our passion is to provide the atmosphere of God’s presence – so someone can experience Jesus.


What can stations do to make sure their “ministry” is having the most impact on its listeners?

As on-air worship leaders, we ask for someone’s attention – praying they see the face of Jesus. My Grandpa Armerding’s life verse comes to mind. “One thing have I asked of the LORD, that
will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to inquire in his temple.” Psalm 27:4 (ESV) Dane Ortlund shares that his Dad (Ray Ortlund) made the heart of Jesus beautiful to him. In his book “Gentle and Lowly,” Dane shares that the primary role of parents is to share the beauty of the Lord with their children.

“With our own kids, if we are parents, what’s our job? That question could be answered with a hundred valid responses. But at the center, our job is to show our kids that even our best love is a shadow of a greater love. To put a sharper edge on it: to make the tender heart of Christ irresistible and unforgettable. Our goal is that our kids would leave the house at eighteen and be unable to live the rest of their lives believing that their sins and sufferings repel Christ.”

Once our listening families experience Jesus, it is our honor to equip them to share the good news of the gospel. We received a note last week from Janet, who received one of our Salvation Poem cards several years ago. Janet didn’t have the confidence to share the gospel, but the card provided a starting point and a roadmap. With only one card, Janet led her Mom and Dad to Christ. Then her sister came to life in Christ. Then a woman at Celebrate recovery. Finally, her youngest son Michael told his Mom that he came to realize that he was a sinner through the poem. After accepting Christ, Michael gave the card away!


What ways have you seen that show the evidence of PraiseLive’s ministry impact the most?

Whenever our team hears a story of life change we rejoice! This summer a woman risked her life to contact us from a prison in Africa. She was somehow able to listen to the
PraiseLive satellite channel on an old T.V. and gave her heart to Jesus. Earlier this year, a station manager from one of our Africa affiliates asked for a meeting to
discuss a problem. The “problem” was so many people were coming to Christ they couldn’t follow up with some of the these new believers.

I recently dropped off my car at the service center and sat down in the waiting area. One of the staff, named Sam, asked where I worked. When I said “PraiseLive,” Sam looked surprised. “Do you mean 95.3 FM?” I found you this morning! Actually, my son found the station and set 95.3 FM as the first preset.” Then Sam said, “It was all about Jesus.” Sam grew up in the Middle East, and the Christian faith is new to him. But Jesus prompted his 10-year-old son to change a car radio!


When creating a ministry partnership, what criteria need to be met by the potential partner?

Years ago, Rob Hoskins spoke at Substance Church in Minneapolis. He shared the vision of bringing the story of Jesus to every child on earth. In the following weeks, I asked the
Holy Spirit why Rob’s message touched me so profoundly. The answer was clear. “Because I am inviting you to raise up a prayer covering for the global mission of OneHope.”
When I shared this word with the OneHope leadership team, Bob Hoskins responded. “So you are giving the ministry of PraiseLive to OneHope? Then we give the ministry of OneHope to you!” Since that day, it has been our prayer to wash each other’s feet. This heart motivation has been the basis of relationships with leaders like Graham Power of the Global Voice of Prayer and The Salvation Poem, which is interwoven throughout our programming. If there is agreement around Every Tribe and Nation Experiencing Jesus Together, we can walk


Generally speaking to the industry, what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian Radio overall?

I don’t dare speak to an entire industry, but I think of what Rob Hoskins of OneHope shares. We focus on finances or staff needs, while the God of the universe is looking for pure
hearts and pure motives. Jesus, forgive me!


Who are your radio heroes and influencers? And why?

In the 1990s, when God gave the vision for a global platform of worship, I would drive to the Twin Cities and pour my heart out to Paul Ramseyer. Paul would listen, encourage me, then place his hand on my shoulder and pray. Wayne Pederson has ministered to me in similar ways. His gentle spirit made it safe for me to open up about my many shortcomings and failings. Through the years, when I did not know what to do, I would email Tim McDermott, who encouraged me and provided exactly the resource that I needed. When Tim served as our C.O.O. he poured into our team. Tim inspired our team to dream God-sized dreams and then pray for what was on God’s heart.

Finally, there is my friend Roger Lonnquist of Your Network of Praise. Roger inspires me as he pours his heart out in local ministry and launching ministry in Africa. When one of our Africa affiliates burned to the ground, our ministries covered the equipment cost together!

I am so grateful to Ted and HisAir for providing a place for us to follow Jesus together!

4 thoughts on “David McIver Interview

  • Enjoyed reading your interview about the powerful things God is doing through Praise Live, David! Appreciate your list of influencers, each with a Kingdom heart.

    Thank you for your passion to minister to people by consistently pointing everyone to Jesus.

    • Dave – Thank you so much for the encouragement. I know that God is doing great things through your life. Bless you!

  • I was wondering how I can get copies of David McGiver’s salvation poem. Patti

  • I was wondering how I can get copies of David McGiver’s salvation poem.
    Also I’d like to know how to find the fisherman’s Bible. Patti


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