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Dave Paul To Exit Morning Show

WRBS/Baltimore (SHINE FM) (Brighter Media Group) morning host (and former PD) Dave Paul has been heard on the air in the greater Baltimore / Washington, D.C., area for nearly 34 years. December 23rd will mark his final broadcast as part of the daily on-air team. In April 2018 WRBS announced Paul would step down from the PD position and move to Director of Research and On-Air Fundraising. John Lawhon was named Program Director.  Dave says the reason for this change is that he has relocated to South Carolina in October and has been commuting most weekends since then.

 “I’ve loved doing this. Being on the radio was my dream job going all the way back to junior high school,” says Paul. “But, now it’s time for something a little different. I’m excited about this upcoming new season.”

WRBS GM Steve Lawhon adds: “What a friend to Baltimore and Washington listeners for over 35 years, nearly all of them spent here. It’s so rare in broadcasting for a person to be a part of people’s lives every day for so long. A total pro, consistent, excellent and loved by thousands.”

Paul’s final show as part of “Mornings with Tracey & Dave” will be December 23rd. He will continue to direct on-air fundraising and research, as well as continue in his leadership role as Vice President of Peter & John Ministries, Brighter Media Group’s parent ministry. In Spring 2021, Paul will debut a new podcast that will join the Brighter Media Group family of podcasts, which include Your Day Brighter™ and Walk With Jesus™. Tracey will be joined by a new co-host starting January 4.

One thought on “Dave Paul To Exit Morning Show

  • Congratulations and thank you, Paul, for a long and successful career and ministry in Baltimore! I’m sure you will be missed.


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