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Daniel Britt Joins Southern Gospel News Podcast

Former Joy FM and SiriusXM radio DJ Daniel Britt is joining the team at Southern Gospel News Podcast effective May 2022.

Britt exited Positive Alternative Radio (PAR) Joy FM GM/morning host position in Feb 2021 after 14 years. Prior to joining PAR Britt was with WRAF/Toccoa Falls, Salem Atlanta, and New Life Radio, Atlanta.

On March 30, 2018, Darien Southerland introduced the Southern Gospel News Podcast with his co-host Jeff Steele. Shortly after that, Southern Gospel Music Association President and Kingdom Heirs Lead singer Arthur Rice took over the co-hosting duties and 250,000 downloads plus later and 151 episodes with Gospel Music’s greatest living artist, industry personnel, and many others. 

Southerland tells HisAir, “Podcasts are snowballing in growth, and the Lord has genuinely allowed Arthur and I to bring Southern Gospel Music into a new light and a whole new audience. We are honored for all the Christian Music, Southern Gospel Music fans and others who choose to listen to SGNP. They have many choices, and we appreciate them choosing us. But unfortunately, I do not have the time to give this show the attention it deserves. I wanted to find another host that could fill in for me and bring a level of professionalism unmatched in this industry. I reached out to my good friend Daniel Britt, who has agreed to host SGNP. I will continue to manage the show, host from time to time, and, of course, be its number one fan. However, I want to see SGNP reach a new level. Furthermore, there is no doubt that we can do that with Daniel and Arthur, who both are true insiders that work in this space daily. My gifts are behind the scenes and as much as I love the shows, I need to do what is best with the gifts the Lord has given me.”

Southern Gospel News podcast has since become one of the top Christian Music podcasts according to podcast ranking firm FEEDSPOT.com. What began as a hobby and labor of love to Darien Southerland quickly grew into a business, with nationally known sponsors like My Pillow, Union University, and others. In addition, Darien built BG Podcast Network, a company that now produces more than 100 niche podcasts per week for newspapers, publishers, colleges, schools, Cities, municipalities, non-profits, and brands worldwide.

Southerland adds, “We will continue to also develop new podcasts for a variety of clients, ministries and brands worldwide. I promise that I will be talking with the guys and looking to see what we can do better. Thanks to all the listeners who have supported Southern Gospel News Podcast, and I look forward to embarking on this new chapter and continuing to deliver the great content our fans know and love.” 

For more information about SGNP or Podcasting in general. Please reach out to Darien Southerland at d.southerland@bgadgroup.com or at (770) 874-3200.

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