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Christy Grace Interview

Christy Grace
Program Director, Radio Host, Social Media manager
Maasbach Radio
The Netherlands

Career Capsule: Ten years ago – straight out of High School – I started working at the Kids Ministry department of the Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation. An international oriented ministry founded by my pioneering grandfather here in the Netherlands over 60 years ago and now led by my uncle, David Maasbach. About four years ago, my uncle asked me to transfer to our newly built Radio Station: Maasbach Radio. ‘ME?!’ – I thought. Yes, music has been in my bones since my mom performed in churches, gatherings, crusades and prisons all over the world, but radio… now that was something I had never seen myself doing. But something about it just clicked and I dove right in. Headfirst. And boy do I love my job.


Christy, tell us what’s new at Maasbach Radio and with you… etc? 

We’re in the middle of Maasbach’s 12-day Pentecost Conference! While we usually have guests from all over the world (Pakistan, US, Switzerland, Kenya, Belgium) in our studio during this time for awesome interviews, I’m getting very used to the video calls during this pandemic. We have been integrating more messages from our Message Station into our Music Station because we feel like our listeners are craving more solid Biblical truths in a time where everything is changing all the time and just very uncertain.


How is the current crisis an “opportunity” for Christian Radio?

With physical borders closing all over the globe, we have the grand opportunity to still reach across the world with the powerful message of the Gospel through modern technology. I believe we have been prepared for this moment, and the moments to come (because they will come) to be an accessible storage shed. Like the granaries in Joseph’s days. We have been trained to speak hope, bring encouraging content and stay in touch with listeners that feel very lonely right now. Maasbach Radio has always been focused on being internationally accessible and breaking barriers. So, let them come and take from the granary what they need. It gives a whole new meaning to ‘being born for such a time as this’.


After the Coronavirus pandemic passes, what do you think will be the lasting effects (changes) if any to Christian Radio?

A lot of listeners will always remember ‘that time’ they listened to your station during a global pandemic and be grateful that we were there. Keeping up with how the world is evolving is very important, because these Matthew 24 signs will be a re-occurring thing. Is your station prepared for it? This is a time to invest and to make sure that we’ll be able to keep on broadcasting the message of hope and salvation through all means possible, in all kinds of scenarios.


What is the best special advice you can give to air talent during this crisis?

The simple message of the Gospel is still the most powerful message for any time of the day.


How is Christian Radio in The Netherlands differ from the US?

There are very few Christian radio stations. People from Holland are typically not very loud or extroverted and I think you can trace that back to Dutch on air personalities. A very Dutch saying is: ‘Just act normal, that’s crazy enough!’. I’m grateful that Maasbach Radio is not just focused on one country or continent but brings content to the table for everyone. From Holland to Russia to Tokyo and Nigeria. Which works out better for me because some Dutch people would call me ‘extra’, ha!


Is fundraising the same or different for The Netherlands Christian Radio than US… please explain? 

I believe radio fundraising in the US is more repetitive and common. The few Christian stations in the Netherlands are mostly tied to a church or ministry that fund the station with offerings or the station relies on periodic gifts by listeners.


Some say the more Christian stations in a market the better, do you agree with that, why or why not?

If you are a Christian station that has their own style, message or just something different to bring to an existing market, then I definitely think there is room for another Christian station. Why not break the internet and radio waves with the best message from the beginning of time! Jesus said that He would make us fishers of men. And as my uncle David Maasbach always says: there is plenty of fish in the sea, that is the world. There is enough fish for another 1000 radio stations if you may! It’s all about the fish. BTW, I think that’s so cool to see right now, how the Gospel is being preached all over internet with livestreams, sermons, worship sets and Bible studies during this pandemic.


In your opinion, where will future Christian radio air talent come from?

Speaking for myself, I never thought about doing anything in radio until I was given an opportunity to explore my talents in that area and just ‘mess around’ with it. Once it had my interest, I started reaching out to others and asking for help and advice (BIG shoutout to Scott Herrold at SOS!). This has made me grow so much and I think that’s a major key. Showing the new generation that radio is an amazing tool to reach target audiences and then giving them a space to see how it all goes down, will in my opinion reveal talents that they might have never explored otherwise.


Who are your radio heroes and influences? and why?

Without a doubt, my pioneering Evangelist grandfather who, in the Sixties, got himself on ‘Pirate Radio stations’ located on boats of the shore of Holland and Britain because the Dutch government would not sell any airtime to other parties and they definitely would not have anybody use airtime for the message of healing and salvation. For three decades he was preaching the Gospel on multiple radio stations including Radio Caroline and a 24-hour short wave radio program for countries behind the Iron Curtain. For 24 years he was broadcasting his radio program on the most powerful privately-owned transmitter in the world: Radio Luxembourg. His one and only goal was: to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the greatest number of people in the shortest possible time, using all means and media at our disposal. And that is still the goal for Maasbach Radio today.

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