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Christmas Hope 2022

Christmas Eve can be a very busy time. It can also be a lonely time. Sadly, depression, loneliness and anxiety are all too common at Christmas. The stresses of all the activities leading up to December 25th leave many people “stressed out” on Christmas Eve, while others are busily putting together and wrapping presents or traveling to visit family or to worship services.

Our two-hour Christmas Hope broadcast is uniquely designed to reach out with encouragement and hope at a strategic time—and we’d love to partner with your broadcast operation to help them through what is often a difficult time.

For listeners who are putting the finishing touches on Christmas Day plans, we’re here for them!  Veteran radio host Don Hawkins will be hosting Christmas Hope, for 2 hours from 7:05-9 PM Central Time on Christmas Eve. The broadcast will provide encouraging thoughts and features, classic Christmas music, and a focused emphasis on the true meaning of Christmas, including a clear presentation of the Gospel.  

Christmas Hope began when, in August of 2020, as COVID had peaked and many were devastated, Jim Glogowski contacted Don, and we agreed to produce the first “Christmas Hope” that Christmas Eve. In both 2020 and 2021 we saw individuals pray to receive Christ, and receive encouragement and hope from Christian coaches.

A unique feature of this broadcast is that we will again have a team of trained Christian life coaches who will be standing by to take confidential, off air calls from listeners, sharing hope and offering encouraging words and the Gospel. In previous years, we have seen individuals trust Christ, and hurting, lonely individuals helped, as we filled the air with the message of Hope that only Christmas can bring.

No other Christmas Eve broadcast will offer listeners a chance to have a confidential real-time conversation with a certified Christian life coach. While on-air listeners are treated to an upbeat Christmas program, off the air, callers can connect with life coaches who will offer encouragement, support and tidings of comfort and great joy at a time of the year that can be so lonely for many.  What an opportunity for ministry this represents!

The program is available from Amb-OS, and can be carried live, aired at a delayed time, or as some have committed to, both! See the attached broadcast clock for details. Life coaches will be available throughout the day whether you broadcast Christmas Hope live of delayed. We encourage several airings as the content s truly “evergreen.”

  • All breaks carry non-com compatible material
  • Feel free to cover the 2-minute breaks at :15 and :45 of each hour.
  • Each hour ends at 59:24, leaving room for a local :30 spot or promo plus a legal ID
  • The 8:00-8:05 PM CT time will be covered with appropriate optional material, with an “Hour 2 rejoin” at 8:05.


Please be in prayer for us as we prepare for this important outreach initiative, and for our volunteer team of trained counselors and coaches who will be offering help and hope to those who phone in.

Thank you in advance for considering this opportunity to partner with us as we bring Hope to Christmas Eve.!

Encouragement Live presents Christmas Hope, Saturday December 24th, 7:05-9 PM CT.

This two-hour special can be aired as a standalone hour, or in its two-hour beginning at 7:00 PM CT 12/24 through midnight Christmas Day. Life Coaches will be available.

For additional information, please contact Jim Glogowski, LifeBridge Media Group 713-385-5470

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