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Christian Radio Stations Respond To Tornado Tragedy

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said Saturday that the deadly tornado outbreak that occurred in that state on Friday and into Saturday was the “worst, most devastating, most deadly tornado event” in the state’s history. 

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said the death toll is likely between 70 and 100 people in his state. There were another six confirmed fatalities at an Amazon warehouse in Illinois, and eight others were killed across Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri. The financial cost of the damage is also expected to be very high.  

Christian Radio stations in the responding on and off the air.

WCVK/Bowling Green, KY PD Derek Gregory tells HisAir today, “The radio station didn’t suffer any damage, but less than 2 miles from us is total devastation. Our power was restored Saturday evening, but we are still without internet which means our webstream and phones aren’t operating. We’re using my cell phone as a hot spot to get information and to post on our facebook page. We’re told last night that Tuesday evening would be the earliest that internet could be restored, but it may be later than that. All of our staff are safe and their homes were unharmed, Most of us have devastation just a mile or two from our homes. We have postponed our 12 Days of Hope for a few days, (It’s an on air campaign where we showcase different non profits each day). We are also switching from All Christmas music to a mix our CCM AC and Christmas…hearing from listeners that they need songs of hope reminding them God in still at work in dark times.”

WCVK/Bowling Green, KY GM Bridget Kehrt Groce says, The tornado hit very close to the station but was not hit. Please pray for our first responders – electrical , utility & fiber teams as well as our health care & education workers . They are even more taxed than before . A story came to us from a teacher that went to ALL her students because their district was hit very hard (complete loss), but the very next day she is checking in with each student — WOW !! Churches are mobilized fairly well sending debris cleanup teams & we have blood drives that are full with donors . Pray also that CFR can be Gods hand and heart for help & restoration.”

WNKJ/WNLJ in Hopkinsville KY (Missionary Radio) remained on the air. Prayers are requested for the on air staff as they minster to many listeners that have been impacted. WNKJ/WNLJ GM Ken Cummins (and wife Tammy) live in Princeton, KY and it was hit extremely hard. 


“Because the destruction is so widespread, Convoy of Hope is working tirelessly to get much-needed resources to multiple locations to help those who need them most,” said Stacy Lamb, Senior Director of Convoy of Hope’s U.S. Disaster Services team.

Convoy of Hope quickly made contact with several churches in the affected areas and sent multiple loads of relief supplies from the World Distribution Center to assist residents as they start to recover. Convoy will continue working with state and local governments, community leaders, and volunteers in identifying the best way to help moving forward.

To date, Convoy of Hope has delivered 3 semi-trucks to 3 churches in the Kentucky cities of Mayfield, Princeton, and Madisonville. 

Radio stations can use convoy.org/radio for giving or direct listeners to convoyofhope.org

Convoy of Hope Regional Director, Partner Engagement Jared Mitchell tells HisAir stations joining include The Family Radio Network/Appleton, WAY FM/South Florida, Family Life Radio/Tucson, and Shine.FM/Chicago. Many have set up interviews with Convoy of Hope spokespersons Ethan and Sara. 

For interviews contact:

Ethan Forhetz
Vice President of Public Engagement & National Spokesperson 
(417) 848-8123

Sara Forhetz
National Spokesperson 
(417) 848-8213

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