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Christian Radio for Russia Update

Christian Radio for Russia Dan Johnson checks in with HisAir.Net. Dan says,

“Just to let you know, that after we miraculously received a national broadcast license by the Russian government during these days of restrictions against the evangelical Church, New Life Radio Moscow just started nationwide broadcasting across Russia. NLR went online this week over the YAMAL satellite, giving it 9 time zones of coverage, providing free to air satellite radio access to thousands of communities and remote settlements, 99% of which have no local Christian station to listen to. Our plan is to work on a nationwide campaign to restart a strategic effort to develop local Christian FM channels that can take our satellite programming and re transmit it. Any group of Christians can apply for a channel, and if successful, NLR and our friends in America will provide them a free 250 watt FM transmitter and antenna. This way, a church only needs to find space for the transmitter and simply pay the electricity costs, and a city can have Christian radio 24/7 with no personnel needed!

Dan continues, “If you could alert our Christian broadcast colleagues in America to this news story, I would be grateful and they can contact us at CRFR@juno.com if they wish to do an interview on it. We need prayers of American radio listeners….for the protection of our radio staff in Moscow against a hostile government that isn’t interested in the Gospel going out nationwide, and for courage of Christians in cities across Russia to apply for radio channels that we might supply them Gospel programming. As the Kremlin has the means to shut down any Internet radio channel they don’t like, the need for satellite radio continues.

Thanks so much Ted! Dan Johnson Christian Radio for Russia www.CRFR.org.

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