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Christian Radio Gets Smart

Christian FM Media today announced ​SmartRadio SuiteTM​, a collection of talent and tools for Christian radio stations to grow audience and revenue.

“The proliferation of smart speakers in millions of homes and now cars have redefined what it means to be a “local” station. With the national brands ever expanding, most markets have become increasingly competitive. Smart programmers know the only way to stay competitive is to have a strong local brand with compelling programming 24/7. That is why we’ve created SmartRadio SuiteTM. It enables local operators to play to their strengths without outsourcing content to providers that hijack their brand,” says SmartRadio Suite Founder Jon Hamilton.

The SmartRadio SuiteTM features include:

Experienced Personalities… Including the Brant Hansen Show, Doug Hannah, Lisa Barry, and more.

The Perfect Playlist… The perfect playlist is researched, tested, and downloaded automatically to your station each day. Take the songs you want, remove the ones you don’t, or even add your own songs.

AC Total… AC Total is a turnkey Christian Adult Contemporary radio format custom branded, localized, and fully integrated for your station. Available from 4-24 hours/day with music and personalities. 7 days a week.

Revenue Maximizer… SmartRadio SuiteTM clients are supported with tools to help grow and maximize revenue.

For more information, visit SmartRadioSuite.com or to schedule a demo of the SmartRadio SuiteTM, contact Paul Tipton at​(772) 473-0282​​ or ​paul@smartradiosuite.com​.

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