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Christian Radio Approaches $750,000 in Relief Support for Texas

Positive Alternative Radio (PAR) and its #ENCW Project Partners have provided the following updates on their coordinated efforts to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

#ENCW Project Partner Total:

  • #ENCW Project:Texas has collectively raised $729,124 for God’s Pit Crew through online donations since August 29. Those dollars translate into 25 tractor trailer loads delivered or en route to individuals impacted by Hurricane Harvey, with additional loads and projects being scheduled for the months to come.

God’s Pit Crew Totals (online giving):

  • Randy Johnson, Founder/President of God’s Pit Crew, has provided the following online totals (Aug. 29 – Sept. 5):
  • Total Individuals Donations – 5,918
  • Total Individual Visits to GPC’s Hurricane Harvey Response Site – 17,837
  • Average donation – $123

God Showing Up:

  • Silas, a nine-year-old boy from Danville, Virginia turned a sour situation into a sweet solution—doing his part to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. For an entire week, Silas cut and squeezed lemons for his homemade lemonade. Then, on Saturday, Silas sold his product—making a whopping $7,500—which he donated to God’s Pit Crew’s Hurricane Harvey relief effort.

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