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Christian FM Launches New 2 Hour Show

Christian FM Media announces the addition of a new weekly show, “Bandkind ‘On The Air'” hosted by Nik Curtis Beal. Nik is a veteran of CCM, having worked both on the record label side and radio side. Nik has worked with some of the biggest names in this business and has a connection with so many artists.

“Bandkind ‘On The Air'” hosted by Nik Curtis Beal, is an artist forward show where Nik engages listeners authentically. Her heart is to lead listeners to artists’ music and live shows. There a listener can become a fan of the artist’s mission. The goal of connecting artists and fans is something she calls “fan-lanthropy. Nik says, “What God can do with music on the air is miraculous.  Connecting radio listeners with audio art is something I don’t take for granted”.

Nik is curator, producer, and host of the new two hour weekly Contemporary Christian Music show that will mix Currents, Recurrents, Golds and New featured songs in the “Nik Pik of the Week”, artist news, interviews and some “out of this world” guests bringing encouraging words (including NASA Astronaut Shane Kimbrough and his wife Robbie.)  “Bandkind ‘On The Air'” incorporates veteran industry Imaging voice Rick McConnell of Monumental Studios.  Nik says, “I’m thrilled to partner with CFM! The show is going to be sharp, fun and encouraging and, in it, I hope your station listeners encounter the Joy of the Lord at every turn.”

Paul Tipton, VP of CFM says, Nik Curtis Beal has a gift for talking to people but specifically with artists. She brings their stories out and they in turn share their hearts. We are very excited to be able to help give this show an outlet so other stations can enjoy it too.

“Bandkind ‘On The Air'” hosted by Nik Curtis Beal,to find out more about this show or hear a demo, contact Paul Tipton, ptipton@christianfm.com.

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