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Chris Chicago Exits Rapzilla.com Live

NGEN/Houston PD Chris Chicago checks in with HisAir. Chris says, “It is with a full heart that I announce I will no longer be producing and hosting Rapzilla.com Live with Chris Chicago.

“What is now this show began when I was hardly even an adult, as a weekly radio show in my hometown of Albuquerque, NM. I didn’t know much about radio then, but I did know that this music had impacted my life and that I needed to share it.” 

“Over the last 21 years, the show has been played on hundreds of stations all over the world and had more than 1.5 million podcast downloads. I have had the pleasure of interviewing hundreds of artists and the privilege of being a part of their careers. This show has never been about money or fame. It has been about the artists, their stories, and the listeners. It has been a joy having a front-row seat to the expansion of CHH and an honor using this platform to share the life-changing message that reaches people so powerfully through this genre.  This is not goodbye, look for me in other places! Excited to see where God brings me in this next season.”

Chris adds he is leaving “Rapzilla.com Live” mainly to focus on his family and duties as PD and afternoon Host at NGEN/Houston. 

2 thoughts on “Chris Chicago Exits Rapzilla.com Live

  • Wow, Chris! I love that the reason you’re doing this is to focus on your family and NGEN! YAY! I know you are going to ROCK everything God puts in front of you to do! It’s been an honor working with you and I hope we get to work together again, sometime in the future!


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