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Carmen Brown Named VP At RTN

The JOY FM’s Carmen Brown was named VP of Programming and Content for Radio Training Network (RTN) at its annual Leadership Conference in Tampa, May 5, 2022. Brown, currently host of The Morning Cruise with Dave Cruse and Bill Martin, brings her 26-years’ experience in both country and CCM formats to her new role. She will continue to serve as GM for The JOY FM Florida/Georgia and host The Morning Cruise.

“RTN is a family of brands and formats heard across the Southeast and on apps. I look forward to helping our stations and outlets grow, not just numerically, but in sharing our gospel-centered mission with excellence. We have a great team of talented women and men who are committed to bringing their best to serve the mission and their listening families,” said Brown.

RTN Founder and President Jim Campbell added, “As we look toward the future, Carmen Brown is the right choice to fill this new role. The purpose of this role isn’t to become more corporate, but instead it is to serve The Lord and our listeners more effectively.”

RTN, which consists of The JOY FM, HIS Radio, 88.3 WAFJ, The WIND and KWFC, is based in Central Florida and has been in existence since 1986, with a broadcasting heritage that reaches back to the mid 1970s. The network also updated their mission statement at the 2022 conference: The mission of RTN is to share the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible in a relational way through relevant media.

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