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Brian Curee “What Should Christians Think About The Metaverse?”

When I first heard about the Metaverse, I cracked jokes about the thought of a virtual world. After all, I’ve seen this before, and the experience wasn’t that impressive. But as we were filming our commercial for CMB’s Momentum conference, I put on a pair of virtual reality glasses and was shocked by how far virtual reality had come!

I began diving deeper into VR technology to learn more about the possibilities of the Metaverse, and I couldn’t shake the thought of people escaping to it as they do with social media today. I shared with my wife, team, church, and friends how my heart was saddened because I could see how people might try to escape reality through false reality. As a digital coach, I felt a responsibility to learn more about this technology to determine how we, as Christian broadcasters, could meet those hurting people and guide them to Jesus.

As our team continues to dive more into the virtual world, we can see both the good and the bad this technology advancement could bring. The Metaverse- is an immersive digital world that feels more real than anything we’ve encountered before!

As you continue to read this article, understand that our team is not trying to downplay the concerns you may have about the Metaverse. We have similar concerns, as you’ll see below. But these concerns left me asking the following question:

What’s the risk if we don’t explore how this technology could be used to broadcast the message of Jesus?

Metaverse Fears, Concerns, Ideas

Becky’s Metaverse Story

Becky slipped on her headset and closed her eyes as the home screen loaded, and let out a deep breath. She had been looking forward to this all day. It was her escape, her safe place where she could be happy and free.

She had always loved the idea of virtual reality, ever since she first read about it in science fiction books as a kid. Once the technology became available, she spent hours on end lost in different worlds, exploring and escaping…because in the real world, she was struggling. She faced challenges every day that seemed impossible to overcome… she felt unworthy of being loved and ashamed of her past. She felt alone and unable to make friends.

So she turned to the Metaverse as her way out. Each time she returned to the real world she felt more disheartened, making it easier and easier to spend more time in her virtual reality. She wondered, “is there a world out there where I can finally live a happy and free life forever?”

Disconnecting From Society Into The Metaverse

The story above isn’t based on a true story, but it could be, right? The idea of people disconnecting from society and escaping their daily life through TV, social media, or other online platforms is not new. For some, the Metaverse is just a joke or a fad. But if you’re still reading I want to encourage you to ask yourself if this technology could be used as an opportunity to connect with those who are hurting in order to share the love of Jesus? If your answer is yes, then I would invite you to follow us on YouTube as we continue to share our Metaverse experiences and ideas. You can subscribe at killerb.tv

Our team at Killer Bee Marketing considers these digital platforms to be more than just tools for marketing. To us, these are digital touchpoints in peoples’ lives. It’s more than digital. It’s a digital mission field to serve people who feel unloved, unwanted, ashamed, and alone.

The Future Of The  Metaverse

Virtual reality is no longer an idea of the future from books or movies, but a reality that we can all experience right now.

The one constant in this world is that there are hurting people who need Jesus. Technology may change, but we can still serve them by coming alongside those who hurt with love and compassion and sharing Jesus, even in the virtual world.

Who really knows how technology will evolve over time–but as long as human beings exist on earth then we Christian broadcasters should continue to look into new ways to connect with those who need Jesus.

Brian has worked in the digital field professionally since 2006 and has served the Christian Radio Industry since 2013. He has completed Donald Miller’s StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap and has a degree in Computer Science and Theology. Brian is passionate about helping the Christian Radio industry create a digital strategy that delivers clarity, improves conversions, and grows your station’s audience online by providing digital coaching, and consulting. You can learn more about Killer Bee Marketing and the services their KILLER team provides at https://killerbeemarketing.com

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