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Brian Curee “Doing MORE by Doing LESS”

Doing MORE by Doing LESS: A Personal Journey to Trimming My To-Do List

Hello, radio friends. Over the years of working with broadcasters, radio stations, content creators, and businesses, I’ve noticed that many of us can relate to the pressure to push out more content. As Christian Broadcasters, it’s not just any content, but content that can impact lives too. It’s a real challenge while juggling a never-ending list of tasks like—emails, writing articles, social media, team meetings, writing video scripts, recording videos, and building relationships with listeners—the grind can be relentless. About a year ago, I found myself hitting a wall, and after spending hundreds of dollars on planners and apps, I realized no planner could save me; there would always be more to do.

My wife and I were attending a live show by Ken Coleman at Ramsey Solutions, where the importance of taking time to reflect and rest was brought to my attention. However, it wasn’t until six months later that I started putting it into practice. Around the same time, I began reading a book with my friend Chuck Finney calledSoul Keeping by John Ortberg. This book gave me a deeper reason behind why taking time to reflect and rest is even more crucial for us as Christians.If you haven’t read that book I would highly recommend you read it and maybe check out a couple others I’ve been reading.The Rutheless Elimination of Hurryby John Mark Comer andWhat Are We Chasingby Joe Coletti.

We’re no strangers to the To-Do list. Recently, my friend Mark Miller, former Vice President of High-Performance Leadership for Chick-fil-A, Inc., posted an article about creating aStop Doing List,” highlighting four questions we should ask ourselves to decide if there is anything we need to stop doing.

The “Stop Doing List” Revolution

Many of us could benefit from Mark’s concept of the Stop Doing List if we apply it to our current list of daily tasks. Learning to make room for the tasks that truly matter is crucial. We leaders need to embrace and model it for our team members. Give them permission to create their own Stop Doing List and the freedom to review that list with you. Create a safe space where they can explain their “why” and decide where to go from there. Below is the four questions that Mark touched on.

Mark Miller’s Four Game-Changing Questions

  1. What’s the real value in what you’re doing? For myself, I’ve been evaluating some of my tasks with this question, and then I ask myself, does it align with my purpose statement?
  2. What else could you be doing? For example, when I began to calculate how much time I was spending on certain tasks that didn’t clearly align with my purpose statement, I began to think about what else I could put that time towards that did.
  3. What are you afraid of if you decide to stop doing this task? Mark said it best in his article: “Confronting fears is rarely fun but often profitable.”
  4. What are the benefits of stopping that task? Take some time to really process the benefits and ask yourself it the possible benefits align with your ultimate goal and purpose.

It’s About Doing What Truly Matters

I’m still living out my personal journey of trimming my to-do list, and I believe it’s a practice I’ll need to revisit often intentionally. Learning to say no to the wrong tasks will allow you to say yes to the right tasks.

Creating a “Stop Doing List” has been a liberating experience. It’s not just a to-do list in reverse; it’s a tool for mindful leadership. So, what’s one thing you’re willing to stop doing today to make room for what truly matters tomorrow?

Brian has worked in the digital field professionally since 2006 and has served the Christian Radio Industry since 2013. He has completed Donald Miller’s StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap and has a degree in Computer Science and Theology. Brian is passionate about helping the Christian Radio industry create a digital strategy that delivers clarity, improves conversions, and grows your station’s audience online by providing digital coaching, and consulting. You can learn more about Killer Bee Marketing and the services their KILLER team provides at https://killerbeemarketing.com

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