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Brian Curee “Does Your Station Lack Digital Strategy?”

Getting the most out of your digital platforms is essential to building a strong audience and fostering the kind of loyalty you want from that audience. Even when stations release content regularly across multiple digital platforms, they may lack the strategy or plan to get them the best return on investment (ROI) from these platforms.

It’s easy to hire people or have people in-house schedule content and create graphics. But, doing so without a clear picture in mind of who you’re trying to reach or without an idea of what brand message you’re trying to send to your audience will only lead to frustration and could lead to negative feedback on digital platforms. 

It’s More Than Marketing. It’s a Mission

This is not only the mission and motto that Killer Bee Marketing stands by; it should also be the ethos (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a sentence) by which your station’s digital strategy should follow. Your digital strategy should reflect your station’s mission and values while also delivering clarity, so your audience knows right away what message you’re trying to convey to them, and that message should align with your station’s mission.

Your digital strategy should include strategies for your website content (such as blogs), digital advertising, social media platforms, email marketing, and mobile phone apps. It’s a layered process that allows you to diversify your outreach and make you relatable to your audience in various ways. The digital marketing strategy you should use is a content marketing strategy that draws your audience to read or engage with your platforms, helping them make informed decisions about problems they may be facing. The problems you’re trying to help provide guidance for should revolve around your station’s mission.

Choose The Best Platforms For Your Station

Using the best digital platforms can work wonders for your station

Your digital strategy should utilize each platform that your station is most likely to use to try and engage audience members. Ask yourself which platforms line up with your station’s mission/goals and the people you serve.

For your website, you need strong content to serve people. Having this in place allows you to utilize other aspects of your digital strategy, such as email marketing and social media. Your website should have a blog content strategy that serves alongside your station’s mission. While publishing more content is helpful, the quality of your content is key to boosting audience retention so that people are spending more time on your website with each visit. Our team can help your station create a blog content strategy that targets relevant topics that people are searching for on Google and align with your station’s mission. Plus, if you don’t have the staffing to execute a blog every week, we can help there too.

If you have a younger audience and want a quick way to engage audience members with fun yet educational visuals, you can use Instagram as one of your main platforms. Instagram allows you to use Reels, stories, polls, and other outlets to encourage increased interaction between you and the people who tune in to your station. If you’re using Facebook, you can also use visuals to help with your advertising on the platform. You can also use stories, polls, and more to improve insights.

With email marketing, you can use the content produced from your blogs to help you push your best messaging out. You can also use GIFs and videos to accompany the written content in your email, as open rates can double when you use them.

Make Your Message Clear

Everything about your station’s message and identity should be consistent across all the digital platforms we have at our fingertips. Though the execution may vary, the message should always align with your station’s mission.

I’ve told our team that we won’t have to sell ourselves to the Christian radio industry if we serve them first. It’s the same for Christian radio stations. If you serve your listeners well, you won’t have to sell your station to them. When you serve people well, they want to buy from you. They want to support you, and they will tell others about you. So if anything, I hope this blog entices you to go and create a digital strategy that serves your radio listeners on digital well and those searching for hope, purpose, and love. 

Schedule a call with Killer Bee Marketing today and start building a winning strategy to position your station for the success you crave on digital.

Brian has worked in the digital field professionally since 2006 and has served the Christian Radio Industry since 2013. He has completed Donald Miller’s StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap and has a degree in Computer Science and Theology. Brian is passionate about helping the Christian Radio industry create a digital strategy that delivers clarity, improves conversions, and grows your station’s audience online by providing digital coaching, and consulting. You can learn more about Killer Bee Marketing and the services their KILLER team provides at https://killerbeemarketing.com

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