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Brian Curee “3 Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media”

3 Mistakes to Avoid On Social Media

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with social media marketing? Are you unsure if your efforts are making a difference? Here are 3 mistakes to avoid and get you moving in the right direction. Keep in mind that since these technologies change so quickly, you have to be able to as well. If something is not working for your station, be willing to try something else.

1. Not Having a Clear Strategy. Without a strategy, you won’t know if your social media efforts are working for or against your station. Set goals for your social media platforms. It’s okay to have different goals for different platforms as long as they line up with your radio station’s mission and message. For example, if you’re trying to create a deeper connection with your audience, engagement is crucial. Take the time to respond to your followers. You may be surprised how much that means to them.

Maybe your goal is to build brand awareness in your local community. In that case, create more posts that show how your station is involved in the community. Share local events that your station will be at and include organizations you are working alongside with. We in Christian radio need to be more than a voice- we need to be Jesus’ hands and feet in the communities we are blessed to serve in. This is something your strategy could and should include. Let your listeners and followers see you living out what they hear you saying on the airwaves.

Not having a strategy will result in subpar content since you’ll have nothing to guide you. I talked about this in our very first podcast, which was about creating valuable content. If you didn’t catch that episode, go check it out on the Rethink Radio Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts or online at killerbeemarketing.com/podcast. Let me clarify that valuable content does not mean perfectly polished content. I’m sure you’ve seen those Facebook posts that went viral and you’re trying to figure out ‘what do I need to do to make that happen?’ Most of those posts were not professional videos and were not perfectly designed images. People shared it, they liked it. These posts go viral because the content is authentic or relevant.  Don’t post things just because you need to fill an empty spot on a calendar. Be authentic and don’t chase perfection- it’s an unreachable goal. Learn how to embrace the perfection of the imperfection.

Questions To Answer Before You Post

Answer these three questions to determine if something should be considered for your social media strategy.

  • Will your followers find this content useful or valuable?
  • Will your followers care about this post? Will it benefit them today?

Ex: Your personality is talking about dealing with anxiety at 3:00 PM today on air. They could create a video post to give listeners a heads up- something like ‘I don’t know about you, but anxiety is something I’ve struggled with in the past. To be totally honest, I was even a little anxious when I went to hit the record button on this video that you’re watching right now, but something I’ve learned is anxiety isn’t something God wants us to have. He actually tells us in his Word to be anxious about nothing. So, if you struggle with anxiety, join me today at 3:00 PM as we talk about how you, me and our friends can get past anxiety and find joy.’ Facebook or Instagram stories would be a great option for short videos like this. You can also use this approach to encourage people to tune in to podcasts.

  • Does it line up with your station’s mission and message?

I’m always going to emphasize that if it doesn’t line up with your station’s mission or message, it doesn’t belong on your feed or in your strategy. Always stay true to your station’s mission and message.

2. Being a Robot. Remember to be human on social media. Having a social media calendar to follow is great, but don’t let it become robotic. 🤖 Leave room for creativity and relevancy. Your social media calendar should keep your station moving forward, not prevent your team from trying new things. Maybe every Monday is “Motivation Monday” at your station, but let’s say you have a new song playing on the radio this week that’s getting a lot of attention, or maybe a prayer request just came in and your team feels they should share it. Let them. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments to your plan and remember that being human on social means mistakes can happen. Come up with a plan to respond to mistakes so you won’t be reacting to them on the fly.

3. Not Investing in Your Digital Assets. If you’ve talked to me in person, you know this is something I believe is important for Christian radio and for any business. It’s crucial to invest in your own digital assets like your website, app, podcast, and email list. These are properties you own. Social media companies want us to post more, engage more, share more. They say we should, so we do, but it can’t be at the cost of neglecting your own digital assets. Think of it like this: let’s say you own a house, but you travel a lot. You spend a lot of nights in a hotel. The hotel is nice, but it could really use some new furniture- maybe a bigger TV. Would it be smart to invest in remodeling the hotel room you stay in or remodel the house that you own? Of course, it would be a better investment to invest in the house you own.

Be intentional about how many resources you delegate to social media versus the digital property you own. You want to be on social media because that’s where people are, but that could change any time. Like when Facebook crashes or when MySpace disappeared. You don’t control the algorithms or the platform’s decisions and their goals don’t always align with your station’s goals. They are tools we are able to use to connect and grow our audience. Your goal should be to become such great friends with your followers that they come over to your house- i.e. visit your station’s site, download your app, subscribe to your podcast, and sign up for your email list.

I hope these tips are helpful as you navigate the ever-changing landscape of social media marketing. If you keep your station’s mission in mind and remember that you’re connecting with actual humans for the growth of the Kingdom of God, you’ll be on the right track! Feel free to email me at brian@killerbeemarketing.com with any questions or connect with me on LinkedIn @briancuree

Brian Curee is a digital strategist, the founder of Killer Bee Marketing and host of the Rethink Radio Podcast. Brian loves helping Christian radio stations create digital strategies that delivers their message clearly to their audience on digital platforms.

He has worked in the digital field professionally since 2006 and has served the Christian Radio Industry since 2013. For six years, Brian served as WAKW’s Director of Digital & Marketing, and Web & Graphics Manager. He has completed Donald Miller’s StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap and has a degree in Computer Science and Theology.

Brian’s family means everything to him. He loves doing life alongside his amazing wife, Shawna, and incredible son, Ashton. You can connect with him on Instagram or LinkedIn @briancuree or visit Killer Bee Marketing online at killerbeemarketing.com

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