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Brant Hansen’s “Misfits Tour” Concludes

Brant Hansen’s “Misfits Tour” wrapped up this weekend. Brant and “Producer Sherri”, Sherri Lynn, brought a comedy show to listeners in 12 cities across the U.S. in January. Brant also talked about his latest book, “Blessed are the Misfits”.

“It went way better than we’d even hoped. It was experimental, having a tour headlined by radio people. But we’re so thankful at how it turned out,” Brant says. “Our show isn’t ‘live’ or ‘local’, and yet, radio forms such a connection that thousands of people will turn out for something like this.” 

Some of the shows were sold-out within 24 hours.

During the tour, nearly 700 people became “CURE Heroes”, monthly supporters of CURE International, to help heal kids with correctible disabilities, and tell their families about Jesus.

“We just loved, loved, loved meeting listeners, and working with our radio friends,” Sherri says. “There’s nothing like forming that bond, hugging people and saying, ‘We’re so honored you listen to our show!'”