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Brant Hansen Show Producer Sherri Lynn Releases New Book

The Brant Hansen Show announced a book launch on social media – and this time, it’s by Producer Sherri Lynn. It’s for women, and has already caused a stir.

“Pre-orders have been amazing,” Brant says. “And with good reason. It’s needed. It’s hilarious. And wise. But mostly hilarious. She’s a fantastic writer.”

She brought hundreds of advance copies to a women’s event, and they sold out in 15 minutes, before she even got a chance to speak. Apparently, there’s a market for this.”

The book is titled I Want to Punch You in the Face But I Love Jesus.

“I just wanted to be honest about what a woman goes through, and it what it means to follow Jesus anyway,” Sherri says. “We all have to deal with our hormonal cycles, and God made us this way. So in the book we talk about it, and laugh a lot, too.”

Watch the video of how Sherri found her publisher here.