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Brant Hansen Show Expands

SmartRadio Suite announces that The Brant Hansen Show has expanded into another market.

KEEH/Spokane, WA (Shine 104.9 FM) has added The Brant Hansen show to weekday afternoons.

General Manager, Darin Patzer says, “We are humbled and grateful through our partnership with Christian FM/SmartRadio Suite to be able to utilize the talent of Brant Hansen and Sherri Lynn on our local radio station… Their humor, spiritual depth and oddness!”

Shine 104.9 is consistently a market leader serving the greater Spokane area. The Brant Hansen Show is drawing new listeners to more than 200 stations nationwide.

If you would like to see what Brant can bring to your station, email: paul@smartradiosuite.com

One thought on “Brant Hansen Show Expands

  • I’m so happy for Darin and they staff at KEEH, (Shine 104.9) I know they’ve been working on this for quite some time. Congrats!


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