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BOOST Radio Personality Needs Help

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson has declared a federal disaster area in parts of the St. Louis area hit hard by recent flooding. 

BOOST Radio/St Louis morning co-host JBo Marie has been directly affected by the extreme flooding.  

JBo tells HisAir, “On Tuesday, July 26 I woke up to get ready for my show #BoostMornings. I noticed that my dog Skye kept looking out the window and coming over to me while I was getting dressed. I knew it was raining because I could hear it and I received a few alerts on my phone but to be honest us Saint Louis folks receive alerts quite a bit. I finally decided to follow Skye to the window (she wouldn’t leave me alone) and that’s when I noticed that the water was rising quickly and the rain was falling hard. I called my husband, who is stationed in the Army in another state and we started planning what we would do if the water got into our home. Thankfully the water didn’t make it into our home but it did make its way into our basement where some of our belongs were. My vehicle was completely submerged in water and considered a total loss..”

The flood also drenched her basement with water that came three inches from the ceiling. Everything except the contents of one vacuum sealed bag was destroyed.
Insurance will only get JBo and her husband Archie so far. It’ll pay off their car, but won’t get them very far on securing a new one. They’re also going to find a new home due to lingering damage at their current residence that won’t be taken care of for along time.
Can you help JBo get back on her feet?  A Gofundme account has been set up HERE.

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