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Bill Scott “The Last Ask of 2021”

The Last Ask of 2021

As I write this article, I am in the thick of watching our team at Vidare Creative do eight or so year-end events for December.


I am excited to share with you that listeners are being as generous as ever. So many events breaking record amounts this holiday season.


It’s still not too late to do a year-end fundraiser for your station. People are giving money out hand over fist, so why not ask for your ministry.


I want to encourage you to do something this year, even if you have or will have an actual on-air event for year-end. Don’t stop asking. I would continue to ask through spots, and with your announcers. You don’t have to beat anyone over the head but make the need known for your station. Focus on the last three days of the year. 30% of annual giving happens in December, with about 10% of all annual donations coming in the last three days of the year. As you can see the final three days are very important to your fundraising.


2021 has been an amazing year for fundraising. Overall giving grew 4.1% over the past year, the 6th consecutive year of growth. Online giving grew by 12.1% over the past year. Here is what we all should love, 45% of worldwide donors are enrolled in a monthly giving program. Some amazing stats can be seen at https://doublethedonation.com/tips/matching-grant-resources/nonprofit-fundraising-statistics/


I would encourage your team to have an attitude of gratefulness for your listeners. Thank your listeners on-air, through direct-mail, online, and in-person profusely between now and December 31st. Your donors need to know that you are thankful for their support and that they are a member of your community. 


My prayer for you and your team is that you’ll be able to end 2021 strong, so you can explode into 2022 with even a bigger platform to activate hope through your radio station.


If you ever have any questions, please hit me up. I’d love to hear from you.

Bill Scott is Chief Content Officer with Vidare Creative / www.VidareCreative.com. Contact Bill at bill@vidarecreative.com

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