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Bill Scott “Message Consistency”

When it comes to our fundraising efforts, we often get derailed because we are not consistent with our message on all platforms.


With your upcoming fundraiser for the fall, let’s make sure that regardless of where you talk about it, it’s the same message and branding.  No doubt as you read this, many of you are already working on your direct mail letter that will go out in a few weeks.  So let’s keep this in mind when we begin the process.


Pre-event – This will include your direct mail, emails, social media, website, on-air, videos, your Kickstarter campaign, or any other method you can think of to get your message out to your listeners.  Each one of these outlets needs to have the same message.


During the event – Everywhere your audience turns, it needs to say the same thing.  During an actual fundraising event, you’ll use many different outlets to reach your listeners.  No doubt on-air is a huge way of reaching your listeners.  We know, however, not everyone listens all day.  So reaching your listeners can happen through video, emails, website, social media, and at a remote.  Double-check to make sure every outlet is saying the same thing, right down to your core ask, which for many is usually a dollar a day.


Post-event – Whether you hit the goal or still need to push for a little more, make sure you have the same messaging going out through all of your streams of communication.  A big thank you needs to be mentioned many times regardless if you have hit the goal or not.  I cannot tell you how often ministries forget to say thank you for the days after their event.


I know this seems very simple but I cannot tell you how often this is missed at radio stations.  I have seen so many times where you get a different message depending on which communication stream you tap into.    This is simple but overlooked way too many times.


Happy fundraising this fall.


Bill Scott is Chief Content Officer with Vidare Creative / www.VidareCreative.com. Contact Bill at bill@vidarecreative.com

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