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Bill Sammons and Denise Harper Celebrate 30 Years

Tomorrow (11/5) morning will be the 30 year anniversary for Bill Sammons and Denise Harper doing a morning broadcast together.

On Nov 5, 1991, Bill was doing mornings on WXPZ/Lincoln, DE (101.3) known as The Light FM, Delaware’s first Christian radio station, celebrating the stations one year anniversary. Denise was doing middays on WXPZ and Bill invited her in to co host the morning show on the anniversary. At the end of the show they kind of looked at each other and said…dang that was fun we should do that again. And the morning show with Bill and Denise was born.

Bill says, “We’ve heard it from listeners for 30-years now…but I think we saw it too on that first day…we have some kind of chemistry on the air that makes us both better. I’m the less serious spontaneous goofball and she brings a serious, more spiritual tone…and we can flip roles to add some fun and depth and meaningful moments that are fun to listen to, and engaging and hopefully encouraging or helpful.”

“I am naturally a morning person, I am up by 4am every day of the year. Denise is most definitely a night owl, but has willingly set her alarm clock for 4am for many many years to come do radio with me. We were off radio for a few years and when I came back to start WKNZ/Milford (The Bridge) 11 years ago, I asked her if she’d be interested in joining me on the morning show. I told her if she wasn’t going to do it…I wasn’t going to do it without her. Not to add pressure to her…but because I just wouldn’t want to do this radio thing without her. I was so glad she prayed about it and decided to come join us, and we will soon mark 11 years during this part of the journey at The Bridge,” Bill told HisAir.

Bill and Denise will be doing their 30th anniversary show this Friday morning at a new coffee shop in Milford called Legacy Coffee Co. How appropriate.

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