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April Fools Prank On Bakersfield Airwaves

Normally, radio stations in the same market compete with each other. But it’s April Fools Day 2022!

To pull off the large scale prank, hosts of three local stations swapped their DJs, for an April fools on the entire city.  The DJ swap included KAXL/San Bakersfield (88.3 Life FM) personalities Jon Engen, Matt Pelishek, and Aaron Perlman. From KDUV/Visalia (Spirit 100.1) Rob Anthony. And from KRWI/Bakersfield (Rewind 98.1 & 93.5) Danny And Kait Hill.

“As far as any of us know, no radio station has ever done this before across different stations and formats” said KAXL PD Matt Pelishek, organizer of the prank.

“While on paper, we are stations that compete, but we wanted to do this not just as something fun, but also as a show of unity. A lot of places wouldn’t want to give up their own air time, but I appreciate these guys in their willingness to work together in a way that hopefully encourages others to get past their differences.”

The prank itself caught tens of thousands of people off guard Friday, and brought a lot of smiles.

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