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Amanda Carroll “Why Personalities Should Have A Podcast”

Why Your Radio Personalities Should Absolutely Have Podcasts: A Message to the Forward-Thinking Christian Radio Executive


Dear Esteemed Christian Radio Executives,

As guardians of the airwaves, you occupy an enviable position, one imbued with the power to shape public discourse and strengthen spiritual life. Yours is the hand that steers the rudder, directing both content and strategy to keep your audience engaged and committed to your brand and, more importantly, your message.

Yet, the media landscape is rapidly evolving. Radio is no longer the only way people are listening; they’re turning more and more to podcasts. I understand that there is a pervasive concern among many of you that radio personalities hosting their own podcasts could serve as a conflict or a distraction. Allow me to challenge that notion: a radio personality with a podcast and an expansive social following is not just an asset, but a necessity in this ever-changing media environment.


Extending Your Brand Beyond the Dial

Think of your radio station as a sun, and each personality as a planet orbiting it. Each of these ‘planets’ has its moons—these are your listeners. While your station (the sun) is the center of this universe, the planets and moons are what make it vibrant and lively. A podcast acts as a satellite we send out from a planet to explore new terrains, capturing new moons and bringing them into orbit around your station.


The Power of Personal Brands

The days are gone when being just a “radio personality” was enough. In the age of social media and digital platforms, personalities need to be multi-dimensional brands in their own right. They need to be engaging listeners not just for the few hours they’re on air but around the clock. Podcasts offer a unique format for them to explore topics in-depth, beyond what the traditional radio format allows.


Convert Casual Listeners into Devoted Followers

Imagine your station is running a fundraiser or a special event. Who do you think will rally more listeners and donors to your cause? A personality who merely exists from show-to-show, or one who has built a robust brand that extends into podcasts and social media? The latter not only amplifies your reach but also brings their audience into deeper engagement with your station’s broader mission.


The Symbiosis: Podcasts and Radio Shows

The idea that podcasts could distract from a radio show assumes that the two are at odds, which they aren’t. In reality, the content and following from a podcast can feed directly back into the radio show, and vice versa. Podcasting isn’t the enemy; it’s the ally you didn’t know you needed.



If I were in your influential position, I would make it a requirement for all personalities to extend their brand through podcasts and social media. Why? Because a personality that doesn’t engage in these platforms is a missed opportunity to grow your brand, increase donations, and enrich your mission.

So, esteemed executives, wield your power wisely. Use it to expand, not limit, the scope of your station’s influence and reach. After all, leadership is about looking ahead, not behind.

If you are a radio personality contemplating the launch of your own podcast, or if you are an insightful radio executive looking to transform your station into a multimedia powerhouse, then I invite you to reach out.

With 25 years of experience in both radio and podcasting, I’ve successfully navigated the delicate balance between these platforms, ensuring that each complements the other. I can guide you through the intricacies of creating a compelling podcast network that not only expands your brand but also deepens your connection with your audience. Don’t let this wave of opportunity pass you by; let’s harness it together to amplify your impact and reach.

Amanda Carroll is a 25 year broadcasting veteran.  She began her career with afternoons at KSBJ, Mornings at WGTS, Middays at K-LOVE, and syndication through Salem. She is now the founder of The Brave Podcast Network. She can reached at amanda@amandacarroll.org

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