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Amanda Carroll “Mom New Years”

Mom New Years:  Back-to-School tips for winning the carpool line and reigniting the Airwaves for Female Listeners


Alright, radio aficionados, let’s talk about the mom-audience – the unsung heroes balancing diapers, carpool duties, meal plans, and oh, so much more. As the summer sun bids adieu and the school bells ring anew, it’s time for Mom New Years – that magical time when moms nationwide recalibrate their routines and look to us, the radio maestros, to add some sparkle to their day. It’s time to reignite the airwaves and serve up some sassy, smart, soulful content that resonates with our mom listeners.


Why Mom New Years, you ask? Well, my friend, this is when moms nationwide reset their calendars and routines. It’s a fresh start, a clean slate, and it’s our golden ticket to their hearts and minds. She has her freedom back, she’s going back to the gym, and she’s sitting in the carpool line again begging for YOU to entertain her. And how do we do that? By crafting content that speaks to their unique experiences, aspirations, and needs. Without telling her to remember a jacket for the bus stop.  She knows that.  Dear God, don’t insult her intelligence. Don’t waste her time. Instead…


  1. Celebrate the Everyday: Moms are not just interested in grand, existential dilemmas; they revel in the beauty of everyday life. Focus on themes like finding joy in the daily grind, the humor in parenting mishaps, or the strength in everyday triumphs.


  1. Provide Value: Give them practical advice, life hacks, wellness tips, or spiritual nuggets that they can incorporate into their daily routines. Make your show their go-to source for tips that make life a little easier and a lot more vibrant.


  1. Create a Community: Make your show a haven for moms to connect, share, and feel understood. Nurture a sense of community, foster interaction, and you’ll see a tribe of loyal mom listeners flourishing around your show.


  1. Acknowledge Their Struggles: Be a friend who understands their challenges and empathizes with them. Whether it’s managing work-life balance, dealing with mom-guilt, or finding self-care time, address these issues and offer a listening ear. But DO NOT talk down to her. You are NOT the know it all. You are her friend that listens.


But hey, knowing these strategies is one thing; weaving them into captivating radio magic is another. And that’s where I sashay in, my friend. As a seasoned radio veteran and an accomplished talent coach, I can help you navigate the vibrant landscape of Mom New Years broadcasting.


With over 25 years of radio experience and a proven track record at KSBJ, WGTS, and K-LOVE, I am armed and ready to help you connect with your female listeners on a deeper level. My coaching approach is tailored to your unique style and audience, ensuring that your content doesn’t just fill the airwaves but touches hearts and sparks joy. I want to help you build your own brand.


So, are you ready to make Mom New Years your time to shine on the radio scene? Are you prepared to captivate, engage, and win over your mom audience? If yes, then let’s embark on this journey together and light up the airwaves with radio magic that moms can’t resist! After all, moms don’t just deserve good radio; they deserve extraordinary radio. And together, we can deliver just that. Send me an email, we will hop on a zoom and talk about how to make your dreams happen!  amanda@amandacarroll.org    


Amanda Carroll is a 25 year broadcasting veteran.  She began her career with afternoons at KSBJ, Mornings at WGTS, Middays at K-LOVE, and syndication through Salem. She is now the founder of The Brave Podcast Network. She can reached at amanda@amandacarroll.org

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