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Amanda Carroll “Happy Mom New Year”

HAPPY MOM NEW YEAR’S!!!!  What’s that?  Uh-oh. 

Your listener can’t wait for her kids to go back to school so she can have her routine back.  Are you ready for her to tune back in? 


August is more important than January to your show.  Yes, we all think that New Years is a fresh new start for our audience, but we are WRONG.  August is.  More women will tune into your morning show when she is driving her kids back to school, then when she goes back to work after Christmas vacation.  


This is when she is primed and ready to have a fresh new start.  New pencils.  Empty notebooks.  Healthy lunches.  Vacation is over.  Routines are back. What are you doing to serve her? 


After a long hot summer, with kids out of school and mom juggling work, and kids with nothing to do eating her out of house and home, she is READY FOR A FRESH NEW START. Will you be the one to meet her where she’s at?  Will she tune into you on that first day of dropping her kids off at school and will she feel like you “get her”?  This is your opportunity! Yay you. 


BTW: She does not need you to tell her to send the kids to bed early, pack a healthy lunch, and what to dress her kids in because of the weather. She knows that. Research shows she is highly educated. Don’t insult her intelligence, feed her soul, and entertain her!  Give her something new!  


Most likely after dropping her kids off at school on the first day mid-August, she will go to a party with her fellow mom friends. I have been invited to three already.  Sorry, but we do not cry, we celebrate. 


August is the time to take stock as a radio show.  Okay so you kind of coasted through the summer.  Your same old benchmarks are “kind of working”.  Back-to-School is the PERFECT time to start something new.  That one thing you’ve always wanted to try but never had the guts?  AUGUST is the perfect time. You have two weeks to come up with a plan. The only failure is not having a plan for Mom New Years.=


Now is the time to schedule a meeting for your show and promotions team, and take stock of what is SO DONE, what’s not working, what could work, and what your NEW DNA as a show could be.  BTW:  Your listener is doing the same. She is making her plans to go back to the gym, healthy meals for the family, go to bed early again. You guys are in the same boat!  SO relevant!  


How will you capitalize on this opportunity?  What will you program in your 7am hour and 3pm hour to GUARANTEE that you impact her life while she is dropping her kids off at school and picking them up? How will you tease that content NOW so she knows to tune in on the first day of school?


Here’s a hint:  DO NOT do the same thing you did last year. Learn from how long Tik Tok content trends last. You have 1-3 days to jump on a trend before it’s totally played out. Or as my teens say, “mom that was so cringy we did that last week.”  NOOOO!  If that’s you, your listener will never give you a second chance.   If you are still doing the same benchmark that you did 5 years ago.  She is bored and will click next. What guests will you have?  What will you talk about?  What will you GIVE HER? 


Give her a reason to tune into you on the first day of school.  What will you do?


Need help?  I would love to help you be a part of your brainstorming session. That’s my jam!  Message me and I’d be glad to discuss how to create a vision for your show and turn it into not just a show, but a digital platform that impacts your listener. None of us can afford to just have a radio show anymore.  We need a PLATFORM.  What are you about?  Don’t know?  It’s okay. I can help.


Amanda Carroll is a nationally syndicated host with Salem Communications, founder of GetYourBraveOn.info, and host of the GetYourBraveOn podcast inspiring women to choose a strong and courageous life no matter what plot twist they face.  If you’d like her content on your radio station, email groberson@salemmusicnetwork.com   She is also available for talent coaching and consulting. Email her at amanda@1039thefish.com. 

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