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Amanda Carroll “Embracing AI”

Embracing AI: Elevating Your Radio Show & Podcasts

Alright, darling radio stars, it’s time to dive head-first into the future, and it’s not as scary as you think! I’m talking about Artificial Intelligence, my friend. And no, it’s not here to snatch away your mic or auto-tune your voice to sound like a soulless robot. Quite the contrary! AI is here to give your radio show and podcasts a sassy, smart, and supercharged facelift. So, buckle up and get ready to ride the AI wave to the #1 spot in the market!


Content Curation: Agolo or BuzzSumo can be your go-to AI pals for content curation. They’ll trawl the web to find the juiciest topics for your show, and you’ll be sipping your morning coffee with the day’s content neatly organized in your inbox.

Content Creation: ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is an AI model that can add some serious sparkle to your radio break scripting. Imagine having a creative companion by your side, ready to brainstorm, draft, and polish your radio breaks at the drop of a hat. Too good to be true? Not anymore!


With ChatGPT, you start with a seed idea or a theme for your break. Share your concept with the AI, just like you’d chat with a human writing partner. The AI will take your cues and craft a radio break script tailored to your style and audience. Want it funny, inspirational, or loaded with trivia? ChatGPT has got you covered.


But the magic doesn’t stop there. You can go back and forth with the AI, refining the content, sharpening the punchlines, and perfecting the pace until it’s absolutely spot-on. It’s like having a 24/7 writing room, with an AI that never gets tired, never runs out of coffee, and is always brimming with ideas.


Using ChatGPT is not just about saving time or effort. It’s about pushing your creativity to new heights, experimenting with different styles, and crafting radio breaks that truly resonate with your listeners. It’s about being the best radio personality you can be. And that, darlings, is what being #1 in the market is all about!

Listener Engagement: Give Brand24 or Talkwalker a whirl for sentiment analysis. These tools decode your listeners’ emotions like a mood ring from the future, giving you valuable insights into their hearts and minds.

Voice Analysis: Beyond Verbal or Lyrebird can be your voice coach, helping you fine-tune your delivery for maximum impact. With them, your voice will be music to your listeners’ ears.

Predictive Analysis: Datorama or RapidMiner offers predictive analytics capabilities, transforming your pile of data into a crystal ball that forecasts your show’s future.

Automated Editing: Descript or Auphonic are your knights in shining armor, rescuing you from the drudgery of editing. These tools will scrub your podcasts to shiny perfection.


But hey, while AI is all well and good, let’s not forget the power of human touch, experience, and intuition – the irreplaceable ingredients to your show’s success. That’s where I strut in, darlings!


I’m not just a radio veteran, but your personal on-air coach, ready to take you under my wing. With 25 years of radio experience, I’ve been through the trenches, weathered the storms, and emerged victorious, mic in hand. I’m here to help you avoid the pitfalls, jump the hurdles, and cruise your way to the top of the market.


As an on-air coach, I’ll help you seamlessly blend AI tools into your show prep routine, interpret AI analysis, and apply those insights to create top-notch content. Together, we’ll transform your show into an engaging, irresistible audio feast that listeners can’t get enough of.


So, what say you, future radio superstar? Are you ready to ride the AI wave with me and claim your #1 spot in the market? Remember, AI doesn’t kill the radio star; it creates the radio superstar. And that superstar, is you!


If you’d like my TOP 5 Chat GPT Prompts to help you create a great show on a Monday when your baby was up all night and you have nothing to say!  Email me:  amanda@amandacarroll.org


In short, AI is your secret weapon to climb to the top of the radio and podcasting world. It’s the wind beneath your wings, the pep in your step, and the sass in your… well, you get it. So, don’t fear the AI. Embrace it, wield it, and let it elevate your radio shows and podcasts to soaring heights! After all, you’re not just a radio star, but a supercharged AI-powered radio superstar!


BTW:  This entire column was written with the help of Chat GPT!  

Amanda Carroll is a 25 year broadcasting veteran.  She began her career with afternoons at KSBJ, Mornings at WGTS, Middays at K-LOVE, and syndication through Salem. She is now the founder of The Brave Podcast Network. She can reached at amanda@amandacarroll.org

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