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Amanda Carroll “Creating Content That Connects”

5 Words in 5 Seconds | Creating Content That Connects


No break is wasted.  My years enrolled in the “Tommy Kramer School of Broadcasting” taught me that. I still hear his voice in my head when I am in front of the mic, and that next song has a :05 intro.  I could “throw it away” by giving the local weather, or I could find a way to connect with my listener on an emotional level.  I choose the Tommy way instead.  “5 words you need to hear… it’s going to be okay.”  5 words in 5 seconds. 


Creating relevant content that connects and inspires the audience is THE most important commodity for a Christian Radio station. We are about more than TSL and cume. Yes, those are important metrics to gage our success, but our mission is deeper than momentum. Our mission is to usher in the spirit of God into people’s lives.  


When you make HER (our listener) have an emotional connection to your content she bonds with you. When you say something that brings HER a sigh of relief, a smile, or even just a slight raise of her eyebrow; chemicals are released in her brain that causes her to REMEMBER you. You just made her feel.  That’s more important than a voice tracked live and local weather.


Live and local weather might make her think that you live in her same town (which likely you don’t), but does she really care?  Alexa told her the weather WHEN SHE WANTED  it this morning, and the display on her car tells her the current temp, the name of the station she’s listening to, and the song playing.  


She’s listening to YOU because she wants her connection to God that day. She wants to feel good.  When you give her the desires of her heart she’s more likely to come back the next day, donate money the next time you have your pledge drive, and buy mattresses from the local business you talk about in your commercial.  She developed an emotional bond with you over a :05 second intro. You were there for her. She will now be there with you. 


In my humble opinion, SHE doesn’t care as much about you being live and local, as she cares about you not wasting her extremely valuable time telling her things she already knows. SHE cares about the way you make HER feel. If you want to win against the major networks that are broadcasting the same format in your hometown, it’s more important to serve up the most compelling content that makes HER feel an emotional connection with you, then sounding like you are live and local. You can’t create a bond with time and temp.


Amanda Carroll is a nationally syndicated host with Salem Communications, Assistant Program Director and Morning Show Co-Host at The Fish Sacramento. She also runs an online platform and podcast that inspires women to live a strong and courageous life at www.getyourbraveon.info.  If you’d to get her content on your radio station, email groberson@salemmusicnetwork.com   She is also available for talent coaching and consulting.  Email her at amanda@1039thefish.com 

4 thoughts on “Amanda Carroll “Creating Content That Connects”

  • You are right, Amanda! 5-seconds of positive content can make a difference in the life of a person. 5-seconds can change the thoughts of a destressed or depressed person. Or, give hope to a hopeless person. A few simple words can be life-changing!

    Excellent thoughts! I like them.

    • Hi Bill! Thanks so much! What a great point. Sometimes we forget the difference we can make over just 5 seconds! -Amanda

  • Five seconds can change a life!

  • This was a GREAT reminder. Thanks for sharing, Amanda, and for reminding us to use every one of those 5 seconds wisely. 🙂


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