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Air1 Has Successful August Drive

Congratulations to EMF’s Air1 on successful August drive. Last week the Air1 team witnessed an amazing outpouring of support from listeners.

In spite of the economy, uncertainty, and pessimism showcased in mainstream media, people are worshipping through their generosity. Featuring thousands of listener testimonies from brand new supporters, Air1 exceeded the ministry’s funding goal. 


Air1 says, “This surge in financial support helps ensure Air1 is always there as a constant reminder to take care of your soul, while furthering the mission to bring even more people closer to Jesus. And passionate Air1 listeners are supporting and worshipping through it!”


Dunham+Company’s Jason Parker added, “It’s an incredible honor for our team to support Mandy, Jim, and the talented Air1 communicators. Event after event God is moving in hearts as so many listeners give for the first time and join the mission through their generosity!.” 

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