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Ace McKay “Welcome to Disney!”

By now we all have experienced a Disney trip. Childhood, Adulthood or through a Momentum conference, whether one or multiple parks, we have witnessed the “magic” that only a Disney theme park can bring. After spending some time with my family recently, I started processing my radio station and our industry through the same lens as Disney enhances our experience while in their theme parks. How can we enhance the experience for our Audience and fans?


After 4 Parks in 4 days, the first thing I noticed is how I’m addressed. I was called Everything from a “dreamer” to a “toy”. What is the messaging in our promos & content that addresses are audience the same way? You’re like their home. Their Sanctuary of escape. Your a place of comfort and peace while you’re standing in a hot park and long lines for hours at a time. People are facing crazy seasons and conditions in their lives and we have a chance to help them through it.


The second thing is in the brand. Disney encourages us in words like “magic” and “dream” and “inspire” using cartoon characters and princesses while we can use words like “hope” and “love” and use vulnerable personalities to encourage someone’s faith.


If you’ve been to Disney and taken advantage of their apps, it enhances the experience for the sake of ease. Even if you are a club member or first timer, From ordering food, checking wait times on rides and even show times, selfie filters and booking reservations, it gets your finger on the pulse of what’s happening at Disney. What are the parts of your app and digital platform that you can enhance the experience the audience has with your station? You can ease someone’s day or set appointments to draw them back in. Once you use the Disney app while in the park, you realize you can’t live without it. What does your app do that makes your Audience feel the same?


Then lastly and this is subjective and the natural part of Disney parks is the reality of making memories. As personalities and with music, promotions, commercials, etc., we can build memories and moments with our community and serve them something that they can’t get anywhere else. It’s what brings out the kid in all of us when we are at Disney. It allows us to be nostalgic and in a world with a FOMO way of living, it makes you want to come back again and again. Sounds like radio to me!


Let’s make our stations “memorable” and “magical” for the “dreamers” who dream to see God work in every area of their life.


Ace is currently the Imaging Director for WDJC Birmingham as well as co host of Roxanne & Ace morning Show. During his 30 year career, he has hosted showed and Programmed for WAY FM, Star 88 and Air 1. Ace can be reached at acemckay@gmail.com 

2 thoughts on “Ace McKay “Welcome to Disney!”

  • Great article! Every time we go to Disney, it’s such a wonderful experience! If we could provide even a sliver of that inspiration & “magic” for our listeners, imagine the difference it would make! I was waiting for the “Happily Ever After” fireworks show to begin a few weeks ago & we just started chatting with the people around us. One guy had served in Afghanistan. The other couple seemed like they were just young & in love. And we all shared this moment that brought us together… everyone looking up, in awe, singing the parts we knew, smiling like idiots (maybe that was just me!) But wow. I thought, if only church was more like this. If only our radio stations had more moments like this.

    • You’re so right! We have the opportunity everyday. Thanks for the kind words Coppelia! You’re awesome


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