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Ace McKay “Faith For Greenlights”

We’ve ALL seen it! That come from behind win, That underdog that had odds stacked against them. “Those overnight success stories”. The fundraiser that exceeded the goals or ratings that trounced the competition. Some might say in these moments it’s luck, God’s favor, hard work and resiliency or a combination of all. No matter what, it’s faith put into action. Someone(s) believing in the impossible and letting that belief not allow a cap to be set on what could be.

I know during this pandemic, radio is hurting and changing daily. Does that take away the dreams and hopes for what place we still can hold in our community? Absolutely NOT! We see ratings up and fundraising still strong as people are clinging to what they love and hold dear to their hearts. Sometimes it’s binging episodes of “Friends” or “Bridgerton” or cuddling up with a book or listening to the music that helps them escape. Radio is an escape. We can take our listeners on a journey in music or content that helps them process their Own experiences and feelings or even enhancing an experience when the elements come together.

As we’ve all moved game pieces around to meet our current situations, the challenge to still Dream is there. In Matthew McConaughey’s new book “Greenlights”, he talks about how sometimes you hit the green at the right time and the opportunity and opening is yours for the taking. Other times, you create the “greenlights” and I know for many of us that’s where our faith takes over. What’s the promotion you always wanted to do but it sounded lofty? The person you wanted to hire but felt the price tag would be too high? The relationship or networking that seems unreachable? Do you believe it can happen? Leadership stays
visionary. Empowering people with encouragement helps them to believe in themselves and not to allow current forecast to predict the outcome of the weather.

What “greenlights” have you hit at the right time that you can capitalize on? What “greenlights” do you want to create?

When formats and talent may vary, the one thing we all have in common is our faith. Our faith in our listeners, faith in our team and Faith in God. As we express our faith and stay consistent in what we know God has called us to, we see “greenlights” we never expected. Then we have a reference point that we can say, “God thank you for moving us in this direction, Now move like that again, where you need us.” Like the story of the pots filled with oil, the only reason the oil stopped was because of the limitation on the number of pots provided. We’ve heard it said that “we can’t out dream God” but believing either limits or exceeds our full potential. Bring all the pots you can gather and see what God is doing in your city and stations. God is a hurry up and wait kinda God because His timing is perfect so when there is heed & warning, He will hold us in place until the “greenlights” reveal themselves. God’s kingdom is NOT rocked by what’s happening in the world or in radio and we don’t have to be rocked by them either. Dreaming gives us something to look forward to, whether its tomorrow or 5 years from now. Our faith are the “greenlights” to believe that the impossible is finally possible.

Ace is currently the Imaging Director for WDJC Birmingham as well as co host of Roxanne & Ace morning Show. During his 30 year career, he has hosted showed and Programmed for WAY FM, Star 88 and Air 1. Ace can be reached at acemckay@gmail.com 

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