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Salem Radio Network Hurricane Relief

The Salem Radio Network—which has so-far raised $401,844.00 in emergency relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas

—is partnering with non-profit relief organization SAVE THE CHILDREN to rush life-saving emergency supplies to children and families throughout Florida following the still-unfolding devastation of Hurricane Irma.

Lou Dobbs—host of SRN’s Lou Dobbs Financial Reports and cable TV’s #1 business show Lou Dobbs Tonight on the FOX Business Network—is lending his personal support to the campaign with messages in SRN’s nationally-syndicated talk shows hosted by Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Larry Elder and others. (ATTACHED mp3)  In addition, Sam Malone—morning host of AM 1070 The ANSWER in Houston—is thanking listeners nationwide for relief they recently helped rush to his city…adding these words in appeals on SRN:

“…Through it all, I can’t tell you how very much it meant to those of us in Houston to know our fellow-Americans just like you were opening your hearts—and your wallets—to rush life-saving relief supplies to us.  Houston is still recovering—and it’ll take YEARS to get us back on our feet completely. But now ANOTHER hurricane—IRMA—has devastated the state of FLORIDA.

So today, I want to ask a personal favor …and turn to you once more for your help on behalf of our fellow Americans in Florida..

The Salem Radio Network and this talk show have joined forces with the non-profit relief organization SAVE THE CHILDREN to rush life-saving supplies to children and families in Florida…in the wake of Hurricane Irma’s destruction. ANY amount you can give will help people who are now living in shelters or evacuation centers across the state…especially children, who need extra care coping with having their world uprooted.”

 In addition to the nationally-syndicated talk shows participating, Salem’s twin 24/7 news networks—SRN News and TOWNHALL News—will also provide information on how listeners can donate to Hurricane Irma emergency relief.

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