KZTH KLVV Mission Trip

9-17-15houseThe House FM (KZTH/Oklahoma City) & My Praise FM (KLVV/Ponca City) recently gave away a mission trip to Thubelisha, South Africa as an Early Bird Pledge Drive prize. The ten day mission trip was sponsored by Children’s Cup. Prize winner, Kelsey Huereca, The House FM and My Praise FM on-air personality, Shelby St. James, along with 17 others, departed for their trip on July 16th. During their time there, Shelby and Kelsey spent time with people that lived in a nearby village sharing the hope of Jesus Christ. Although there were language barriers, they quickly formed relationships with the locals that they will treasure for years to come. Generous pledge drive contributors made it possible for the House FM & My Praise FM to donate money to Children’s Cup in order to feed 1,326 children in South Africa for an entire month. Shelby stated that this life changing event made her realize, “God is still God. Everywhere. People are still People. Everywhere. People need God. Everywhere.”

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