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KATZ Radio featured in Ft Worth Weekly

2-3-16news3KATZ Radio is featured in the new edition of Fort Worth Weekly.  KATZ Radio is an online only Christian-Community Radio station for the DFW area. 

KATZ Radio launched on Nov. 10th last year and is operated by Broadcast Meteorologist Cami Bradley. While the programming focuses on the DFW area the music played on KATZ is Christian-Classics from the 70s-80s, this can be Southern Gospel and Contemporary Christian. The station also puts an emphasis on music from the DFW community including several area churches & indie-artists.

For now KATZ is strictly internet radio, But Cami says. “I do have someone holding Part-15 LP equipment for us, should we decide to go that route too. I’m also hopeful that maybe a ‘group’ of stations who do not have one in the DFW area may want to pick us up- like a franchise. Then we get the help but they get a DFW station. Who knows!” 

Check out the Ft Worth feature story here.

Pictured are John Roberts and Cami Bradley at their studio. Visit the station website here…. 

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