New Releases

Songs Going For Adds Now

Brad Alden “Would You Believe” Bridge Music
Brinson “White Gold featuring Marz Ferrer” Godchaserz Entertainment
Geoffrey Andrews feat. Libby Smallbone “Who Would Imagine A King” (Christmas)
Michael Stosic “The Best Gift” (Christmas)
Driven11 “Passenger” Indie
Freewill “Just Like you / Love of my Life” Indie
Jor’Dan Armstrong “So Much Luv” Indie
Mallary Hope “Just A Baby (Mary’s Song)” Curb/Word Entertainment (Christmas)

for KING & COUNTRY “Little Drummer Boy (Live)” Word (Christmas)
Torn Down “Pull Me Through” Indie
LOVECOLLIDE “Mother of the Son of God” abs/Fuel (Christmas)
Christian Messenger “God’s Gone Missing” Indie
Beckah Shae “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” Indie (Christmas)
Hannah Kerr “Emmanuel” Black River Christian (Christmas)
KB “Bring You War” Reach

Reta Watkins “That Christmas Feeling” Suite 28 (Christmas)
Katy Kinard “Human For Me” Shamrock (Christmas)
iamson “Civil War” Indie
James Fortune “Favor of God” Entertainment One
Graceful Closure “Waves” 55 Promo
Jonathan McReynolds “Not Lucky, I’m Loved” Entertainment One
Michael Stosic “The Best Gift” Indie (Christmas)
Paul Baloche “For Unto Us / Open The Eyes Of My Heart” Integrity (Christmas)
Deitrick Haddon “Glory” Entertainment One
Red Letter Hymnal “Ashes” Indie
Ayiesha Woods “Stop” 55 Promo
Paapa and Melissa “Here To Stay” Righteous Aim
Francesca Battistelli “Messiah” Word (Christmas)

Marshalee “Follow” Indie
Jamie Grace “Here” 55 Promo
F-22 RAPTURE “Thank You Lord” Marvellous Works Media
NEEDTOBREATHE “Walking On Water” Word Entertainment/Atlantic Records
Jordan Feliz “Witness” Centricity
Jeff Collier “Driven by the Storm” Artists international
Kelly Vaughn “1000 Times Before” ASides
The Letter Black “Fear” Indie
Ayiesha Woods “Stop” 55 Promo
Carmen Justice “Against The Odds” Indie

Verses “Be The Light” Social records
Michael Lusk “My Gate Called Beautiful” JCT
Scott Wesley Brown “Grandprints” ASides
Seventh Day Slumber “Sky Is Falling” VSR
Jordan Feliz “Witness” Centricity
Joshua Aaron “Immanuel” Shamrock
Beautiful Eulogy “Messiah” Fair Trade

Leslie McKee “What You’re Made Of” Indie
Robbie Mirkin “Jerusalem” SJM
Manic Drive “Easier” Indie
Melinda McGlasson “Trust Him” Creative Soul
Driven11 “Passenger” Indie
Relesser “Resistance” Indie
Thurane “You Gave Me (the ANSWER)” Indie
Rachel Kerr “Alive” Indie
C I T Y “You Got Me” 55 Promotion

The Lasting Hope “What Am I Living For” Shamrock
The Lion “Surround Me” Bridge Music
Cade Thompson “Lights” Indie
Paul Good “Pieces” Locomotion
Fire “Crash” Indie
Revival Worship Movement “Untainted Love” RMC
Manic Drive “Easier” Indie
The Afters “Legends” Fair Trade

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus “The Awakening” Shamrock
Franklin McKay “A Gift From Above” Indie
God’s Gone Missing Christian Messenger Indie
Brian Doerksen “Micah Six Eight” Indie
The Michael Reed Band “Who I Am” Indie
Stephanie Joy “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” Indie

The Haygoods “Brother Tell Me” Indie
Michael Stosic “He’s Alive” The Love Light Company
The Katinas “I Believe” ASIDES
Light45 “Your Love Breaks Every Boundary” Indie
Julie Elias “Awaken” ASIDES
Janet Swanson “Near To The Broken” Indie

Lincoln Brewster “No One Like Our God” Integrity
Bill Fair “Still” (for the hurricane and earthquake victims) ASides
Gateway “Open The Heavens” Fair Trade
J. Crum “Streetlights” Indie
Blanca “Real Love” Word Entertainment

Johnson Ferry Worship “The Cross Still Stands” ASides
City of Enoch “God So Loved The World” Shadow Mountain Records
Cristabelle Braden “Let The Sun In” ASides
Todd Dulaney “Your Great Name” Entertainment One
Carrollton “Shelter” Centricity
Lisa Page Brooks “Do It Again” Entertainment One
Tori Harper “Joy” 55 Promotion
Propaganda “Olympian” Fair Trade Services
Jasmine Murray “You Belong” Fair Trade Services
Alarm For War “Day Turned To Night” Shamrock

Scarlet White “Silence” Indie
Brian Allen “The One” ASides
Daryl Boyer “Never Looking Back” New Hope Records
Alisa Turner “My Prayer For You” Integrity

Maddie Rey “Cruizin” ASides
Lauren Daigle ‘O’ Lord’ Centricity
Kelly Vaughn “1000 Times Before” ASides
DaysEye “Source of Life” Indie
Clay Crosse “I Will Trust In You” Indie
Todd Agnew “Glory To Our Great Redeemer” Ardent
Revival Worship Movement “Untainted Love” Indie
Michael Edmonds “Heal the Land” ASides
Aaron Shust “Resurrecting” Centricity Music
Carmanetta Spearman “The Fire Burns Again” Shamrock
Ellie Holcomb “He Will” Indie
Holly Starr “Bruises” AG

Hannah Kerr “Warrior” Black River Christian
Michael Edmonds “Heal the Land” ASides
Bill Fair “Brighter” ASides
Plumb “God Help Me” Indie

For All Seasons “Higher” Centricity
Hope’s Creed “Samaritan Road – I Believe” ASides
Gold Frankincense and Myrrh “Graveyard of Identities” Indie
Franklin McKay “A Gift From Above” Indie
Jason Gray “Learning” Centricity
Michael W. Smith “A Million Lights” Rocketown Records

Gretchen Keskeys “You Are God” ASIDES
Randy Seedorff “Fearless” ASides
Don Cephas “Caught (You Got Me)” Indie
Micah Tyler “Different” Fair Trade Services
Greg Sykes “Just The Beginning” Integrity
Matt Hammitt “He Always Wins” Full Circle Music

Alisa Turner “My Prayer For You” Integrity
Natalie Grant “Clean” Word Entertainment/Curb Records
Allan Scott “Waymaker” Found & Favored
The Color “Surprise” The Color Music

Kaley Kristine “I Am Free” Indie
Michael Stosic “Teach My Children Well” Indie
Zahna “Whats Hidden Underneath” Indie
North Point InsideOut “We Are Royals” Centricity Music
GAWVI “Like We Belong” reach Records

We Are Vessel “The Broken One” SSM
Sanctus Real “Safe In My Father’s Arms” Indie
Devin Williams “Hear Our Hearts Sing” Shamrock
Todd Agnew “Glory To Our Great Redeemer” Ardent

For All Seasons “Higher” Centricity Music

Jennifer McGill “Unbreakable” Indie
Kayla Bailey “March On Christian Soldier” ASIdes
Kevin Wallace “The Cross” Jordash Records
Out Of The Dust “You Pursue” Shamrock
Josh Baldwin “Get Your Hopes Up” Bethel Music

Adelaide “The Bigger Picture” Indie
Matt Moore “The Coming Storm” Shamrock
Joshua Micah “Who Says?” 55 Promotion
Graceful Closure “Until The Night’s Gone” Artistry Artist
Skillet “Lions” Word Entertainment / Atlantic Records

Allan Scott “Waymaker” Found & Favored
Big Daddy Weave “Jesus I Believe” Word Entertainment
Ashely Stringer “Yours” Shamrock
Seventh Day Slumber “Found” Indie

Sanctus Real “Safe In My Father’s Arms” Indie
We Are Messengers “Point To You” Word Entertainment

As We Ascend “Tell Me” Vital Records
Leslie McKee “What You’re Made Of” ASides
Sidewalk Prophets “Come To The Table” Word Entertainment
Set for the Fall “Let Go” Indie
Odyssey Road “New Angel” Sanderford Sound

Michael Edmonds “Heal the Land” ASides
Michael Stosic “Gospel Train” Indie
City of Enoch “Falling Down” Shadow Mountain records
The Thomas Sisters “I See You” Indie
Jenn Johnson “You’re Gonna Be Ok” Bethel music
Josh Gilbert “I Stand Amazed” Soncured Records
Consumed By Fire “I Need You God” Indie
Laura Story “Extraordinary” Fair Trade Services

Tim Neufeld & The Glory Boys “May Thy Will” Indie
We Were Once “Safe & Sound” Indie
Michael Stosic “He’s Alive” Love Light Company
Tori Harper “After Dark” 55 Promotion

The Letter Black “Last Day That I Cared” Indie
Citizen Way “Bulletproof” Fair Trade Services

Sackcloth & Ashes: “Star” Indie
John Clark Blackwell “Could It Be” Shamrock
Crossing Fire “Lay it Down” Indie
JJ Weeks Band “Count Them All” Centricity Music

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