Moneyball National Chart 12-24-18


Chart Explain 12/24/18

Coming off of Christmas music can be a daunting time, as there aren’t a lot of updated tools.  Usually, because your audience wasn’t available, you won’t have any fresh research, so many get to December 26th and just put the station the way it was before you went to Christmas music.

Just because your research isn’t available, many other tools are that indicate the taste buds of the audience seeking the Christian Contemporary format.

Sales are updated.  Streaming is updated.  Shazams are updated.  Stations that did not go All Christmas are updated, so there are indicators.

Truth be told, the beginning of the New Year is a great time to mix music programmed by indicators along with your gut for what is to come.  As long as your categories are properly placed in your clocks, new music won’t hurt you is you have it properly insulated.

That being said, 4 of the top 5 songs remain the same from before Thanksgiving, so the strength of your station, your powers, will continue to keep the wheels confidently on the track.

This week’s chart shows a lot of debut songs, but I promise, that doesn’t mean they’re all worthy, but if you like one or more, try them out for your audience.  If you’d like advice, I’ll give you three that appear completely healthy without having to take a risk; Jordan Feliz, MercyMe and We Are Messengers.

As for Songs On The Move, Tauren Wells continues to surge in a world where Lauren remained dominant leading up to Christmas.  Casting Crowns did not get the best of their airplay and there is room to let the familiarity of their song win in the transition to the new year.

Then, there’s Avril Lavigne.  What do you think you should do?  If you judge it outright and say, “no way,” just because of Skater Boy and Complicated and songs she did in her youth, you could, very well, miss out on a powerful, forward driving song that will appeal to your audience.

If we could embrace Hilary Scott without much thought, even though her secular hits were a song called Bartender, and another one that referred to her being intoxicated at 1:15am, awaiting a gentlemen caller, then Avril deserves a chance to be heard, especially with a song that is selling like crazy, being watched on youtube at a rate comparable to your child’s viewing of Ryan’s Toy Reviews, plus the song has a desperation for God, and redemptive qualities for your audience.

We were right to play Hilary btw, and Avril will keep your station upbeat as you forge into 2019.

Any questions?  Feel free to ask.  [email protected]

May God bless you to overflowing now, in 2019 and always.

Rob Wagman

The Moneyball Chart Methodology

Instead of one chart that focuses specifically on airplay, the Moneyball Chart combines airplay with sales, streaming and research for the purpose of finding the Momentum in Music, which is most times the differentiator on songs that stall and the ones that continue to chug along.

The Moneyball Chart is created based on a points system, where each column of information can add a maximum of up to 10 points for that column, with the points from each column adding to the overall totals.

The Moneyball Chart is an indicator of songs that are working; songs that are bearing fruit and therefore the Moneyball Chart, may have drastic differences from the charts you have become accustom to, revealing some artists and titles in a higher position much earlier than they show up on the airplay charts, and also, often songs that have moved to recurrent on most of our playlists continue to show fruit indicating that we may have retired those titles too early.

The Moneyball system works Nationally, or locally, so if you are interested in seeing what this information looks like specific to your station, specific to your market and your competitive situation, let us create a custom sample for your station specifically.  Email Rob Wagman [email protected]