Moneyball Chart 9-18-17

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HisAir.Net Songs On The Move

1) Ryan Stevenson / The Gospel

2) Jeremy Camp / Word Of Life

3) Micah Tyler / Different

Chart Explanation 9-18-17

Needtobreathe reverses momentum to positive jumping back in the Top 5.  MercyMe makes a giant step down, but keep in mind, with sales and research, this one could easily find its way back, at least better than Top 10.

Songs on the move, all bunch together this week at 6, 7 & 8, from Ryan Stevenson The Gospel, Jeremy Camp Word of Life and Micah Tyler’s Different.  Micah’s momentum has just really kicked in, which could make it a back to back week Greatest Gainer come next week.

The chart steadies this week, with many songs showing no position gains, even though they have gained in the points structure.  Crowder debuts with All My Hope.

The Moneyball Chart Methodology

Instead of one chart that focuses specifically on airplay, the Moneyball Chart combines airplay with sales, streaming and research for the purpose of finding the Momentum in Music, which is most times the differentiator on songs that stall and the ones that continue to chug along.

The Moneyball Chart is created based on a points system, where each column of information can add a maximum of up to 10 points for that column, with the points from each column adding to the overall totals.

The Moneyball Chart is an indicator of songs that are working; songs that are bearing fruit and therefore the Moneyball Chart, may have drastic differences from the charts you have become accustom to, revealing some artists and titles in a higher position much earlier than they show up on the airplay charts, and also, often songs that have moved to recurrent on most of our playlists continue to show fruit indicating that we may have retired those titles too early.

The Moneyball system works Nationally, or locally, so if you are interested in seeing what this information looks like specific to your station, specific to your market and your competitive situation, let us create a custom sample for your station specifically.  Email Rob Wagman

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