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Brant's Career Capsule
Brant Hansen is a graduate of the University of Illinois, and formerly worked as a youth minister, before stints on morning shows at WBGL-Champaign, and KSBJ-Houston, and as a talk show host on NewsTalk 1400 WDWS in Champaign.  Previously “Mornings with Brant”, aired on CHRSN, and was based at WAY-FM in West Palm Beach, Florida. Currently Brant hosts afternoons on Air1.


1. So how much do you miss waking up at 3am? 

It's hard to find words to describe my new schedule.  I can take a shot, though:  "Mind-blowingly, breathtakingly wonderful" comes to mind.  


2. How is your show at Air1 different from your previous morning show?

The new show is solo.  I had a great team for the previous show.  I miss them, and prefer to do team shows.  I've been pleased, though, at how a solo show can work.  That said, and because I'm pretty odd and quirky, I think I'll always want that other voice to play the role of the "normal" person: good-naturedly, but openly, wondering what part of my brain is mis-firing.


3. Do you use any show prep services… do you do any prep?

I don't use any showprep services.  I do prep a LOT.  Mostly at home.  Most of my prep comes from reading books and reading the Bible.  It actually kinda helps me to have a radio show, because it changes the way I read the Bible, in a nice way.  

If I'm shocked, or affected, or amazed by anything as I'm reading, and it shows me something about the character of God, I know I can talk about it the next day.  Helps me take things to heart, knowing it's going to be part of conversation.


4. What are the biggest obstacles facing Christian air personalities today?

I'm not sure what obstacles there are for other people, honestly.  I can tell you, briefly, what my main struggle is:

I want every show to be some kind of a work of art; a perfectly well-rounded, funny, insightful, spontaneous, energetic, bracingly human effort that is simultaneously hilarious and ironic and honest and entertaining, and prompts both the seeker and the believer to seek more of Jesus.  

So here's the struggle:  I'm not capable of this.  

So there's frustration, some disappointment, some embarrassment, and a little despair, that comes with every show.  I know that's going to sound unhealthy or overwrought to some.  I'm not proud of this.  It's certainly not maturity at work, there.  

I am getting better of just walking out of the studio, saying, "I tried, and God, you use second-rate stuff all the time, and thank you for that," and then I can go home and play Call of Duty with my kids and laugh.  The Gospel has to count for me, too.  There's relief, there.

The struggle is wanting to look good to others, and wanting to look good to myself.  In other words, it's all about me.  As I type that, I think, "Well, actually, I think this IS the struggle other personalities are facing..."  To be "on stage", and to be self-forgetful -- that sounds great.  I'm moving that direction, but's so hard, it hurts.


5. Do you think there will be more or less syndication in the future of Christian radio? 

I think so.  

To me -- and I'm about as far from expert as they come -- syndication makes more sense in Christian radio than in other formats.  When we connect, it's transcendent.  And I mean that, "transcendent".  As in, transcending time, transcending the news, transcending the provincial, or matters of geography.

If a show connects on that level...?  No other format can do that.  And frankly, if I'm listening in Texas, and you're in your apartment studio in Des Moines, but you just showed me your heart, and pointed me to Jesus, well...we're family.  

And we're family no matter where you are, or what station pays your salary, or how the uplink-y thing works on the satellite-blah-blah-blah.


6. What (if any) Christian radio shows do you consider as innovators today?

I don't know.  I don't get to listen enough, honestly.  I'm kind of "out of it."

I would LOVE to get suggestions of shows to listen to, given this:  I'm especially interested, right now, in how the Gospel is being communicated to people through Christian radio.  

Not "The Gospel" as in, "Hey, you're invited to jump into this Christian subculture and be like us and go to Heaven," but the radical, wonderfully scandalizing Jesus-freed-you-from-the-weight-of-the-law Gospel, the "Good News" that challenges religion head-on, and blasts the idea that we're all being judged on our performance, instead of what Jesus has already done for us.

I think it's so refreshing, so wonderful, so simple - yet so little understood - that people long for it, like fresh water.  And that's especially true of those wearied by religion, so many of whom are listening to our stations.  We have something to offer them:  REST.  And people are dying for it.  Everyone's busy to death, and not sure why.  Imagine if Christian radio were to bring a message of rest, based on the good news of Jesus, for the heavy-laden and burnt-out, which is almost all of our listeners.

People NEED this.  They don't need more, albeit subtle, suggestions that they're not measuring up to some idealized standard.  They need let off the hook.  They need grace.  They need to understand the Gospel, because it's such truly good news.

I'd love to hear about any shows, or stations, moving this direction.  I'm trying to go this way, myself, and could use some good examples, or just some folks with whom to commiserate.  We can swing for the fences together.  We may foul most of them off, but we'll have some good laughs, and God uses that, too.


7. How did you get involved with the "I Am Second" project?

That was through Joe Battaglia and Faron Dice.  I'm not sure what was involved with that, honestly, but I was sure impressed with how IAS operates. I am Second® - Brant Hansen.



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