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Michael Luskey


Great Plains Christian Radio

Abilene, KS


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Michael's Career Capsule
Started doing middays in 1980 at a progressive (but now defunct) rock station in Oklahoma City. Got my first Christian radio break with the Light 105 in Oklahoma City (also no longer). Was called to the ministry at KJIL (Great Plains Christian Radio) in 1992 and the good news is that it is thriving to God's glory!


1. Tell us about Great Plains Christian Broadcasting  (a little history, etc) ? 

It started as a desire for some local folks to have a Moody Broadcasting translator in town. God took that vision and it became a 100,000 wt station (KJIL Christian AC) that went on the air in 1992!  Five years later we added another 100,000 station (KHYM) with an inspo format. Some 20 years later, we have more than 50 signals and growing. It's all God! People who know us know that we're not smart enough to pull that off.


2. KJIL has a rich heritage, how important is that to the station?

Very important. The original vision was to serve communities that might not otherwise have Christian radio in western Kansas. Although we have grown beyond that, we remain true to our roots in doing our best to stay local even as we grow geographically.


3. How does KJIL overcome the geographical aspects of its signal? 

With 11 full power stations and some 50 different translators rebroadcasting KJIL or KHYM. We also have a stand alone studio in central Kansas to serve that area locally. We broadcast the morning show via satellite over the network, but the rest of the day they are local to central KS. We serve Manhattan, Junction City, Ft Riley, Salina, McPherson, Hutchinson and Emporia, KS in central Kansas while serving Dodge City, Garden City, and Liberal,KS as well as eastern Colorado and northwest Oklahoma and the OK and TX panhandles out west.


4. Numerous personnel have come thru KJIL and landed in bigger markets, how do you feel about that?

Most of our crew have come and stayed a while. Our turn over has been quite low. While we hate to lose a great talent, it is exciting to see God open a door for them to serve Him in another capacity.


5. Currently you are searching for a new PD, describe the person you're seeking?

We recently promoted from within! We have a young man who has a mind for programming and is catching on quickly as he grows in his role. He actually grew up listening to KJIL and after college and some secular radio, found himself at KJIL late last year! We have an incredible staff!


6. What promotions have been successful at KJIL? 

I think that partnering with our listeners to do ministry is such a blessings for us and them. We do things like Operation Christmas Child, working with area crisis pregnancy centers, marriage conferences, mission trips, and Clergy Appreciation. Our listeners have really come through and God has used that to change lives.


7. Generally speaking to the industry what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today?

Funding and the guessing game of what radio's roll will be as technology evolves. Providing great content is essential!


8. There still some big markets without a CCM station, why do you think that is?



9. What (if any) Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today?

There are many... anyone super serving their market with great passion, content and vision!


10. Where do you see Michael Luskey in 5 years?

Serving the Lord where ever He would have me.




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