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John Brock

Executive Vice President


Eden Prairie, MN



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John's Career Capsule
Radio became an attraction growing up in the late 60’s, listening to Detroit Radio legends/Radio Hall of Famer’s, Ernie Harwell, J.P. McCarthy and Dick Purtan.  As a kid I began doing “fake” play-by-play of games by turning down the sound of TV Broadcasts and using a cassette recorder.  (Sometimes even recording local high school events.)  In 1977 I got my first radio “job” as a cub reporter for local High School sports at Carroll Broadcasting in Tawas City, Michigan.  (Interestingly enough, my wife Heidi now works for that company as a Sales Executive.)

When I became a Christ follower, I listened each day to Family Life Radio in Midland and God used that to lead me into Christian Broadcasting.  After graduation from Grand Rapids School of the Bible in Music, (now Cornerstone University) I spent a few years in mainstream radio and television in Northern Michigan before taking a Station Manager position at WNFA in Port Huron, Michigan.  (Where I did my first ever “Sharathon.”)

From there it was on to be Program Director and Morning Drive Host of “Sports Talk” radio in Saginaw and Flint, Michigan, and later a fill-in host and reporter on “Sportswrap” on WJR in Detroit, In the fall of 2000 I rededicated my life to Christ, joined ShareMedia as General Manager and Sharathon Host, before going into the Pastorate in 2007.  (Still hosting and coaching several Sharathon events each year.)  In May of this year God called me back to serve at ShareMedia.


1. Tell us about ShareMedia and your role there?

ShareMedia was started by the late, great Mel Johnson in the 1970’s, and has been under the direction of President Todd Isberner since 1975.  Since that time ShareMedia has been used around the country and around the world to help Christian Radio Stations and Ministries raise millions of dollars to do God’s work. 

My duties are varied, including consulting, hosting and coaching responsibilities for ShareMedia Broadcast Fundraisers, leadership to help strengthen the talents and skill of our current staff, recruiting and mentoring of new fundraising team members, and help in analysis of potential new ministry opportunities.


2. Describe your preparation for a typical station Sharathon?

That will vary depending on the client needs and expectation, but typically we have several calls with the Station Manager and team to go over a comprehensive checklist of items that range from pre-event direct mail to event production, and everything in between.  From there, a pre-event call with the station staff and ShareMedia hosts to go over the event particulars, and then a post event debrief to go over the strengths and weaknesses of the event and if needed, a plan for a year round fundraising.


3. What are some of the unique situations you've encountered at a Sharathon?

We have been at events where our hosts have been bitten in the leg by the station dog, a horse has stuck his head in the studio while on-air, the station transmitter has gone down and no-one knew it for hours, and a station where the average weekly cume was 200 people and donors brought their gifts in by snowmobile. There was even a place where you couldn’t get the station at the end of the driveway. 


4. How do you keep Sharathons from becoming routine?

God used a Christian Station (The Promise FM in Gaylord, Michigan) to bring me back to Christ, so I remember the days when I was far from Him and the joy of finding God again.  Now I have the privilege to help stations, help people like me.  I am passionate about it and the stories of lives like mine that have or will be changed…even saved. That keeps me excited about every event.


5. What do you look for in Sharathon talent?

People that have a passion to be a Stewardship Coach, where they don’t have to be the star of the show.  Instead, they are content with being used as a small tool that God can use to provide the needs of His ministry in a bigger overall plan.  Also, someone that can be a strong individual with strong ideas, but will still be open to raising money the “ShareMedia Way.”


6. What is the main thing a station can do "wrong" when executing a Sharathon?

There are many things that can derail an event, but the easiest way is to make the event all about “you.”  While the station certainly needs financial support to keep doing ministry, that doesn’t excite people.  Your electric bill isn’t going to get me to the phone- but knowing my gift could change a life for eternity, that would get me to call.  Stop using words like “we”, “our”, “us”, and replace with “you” and “yours.”  Your donor needs to be in the spotlight and to be included as a partner.


7. Generally speaking to the industry what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today? 

From a fundraising standpoint, gone are the days when a station could raise a majority of their budget in 3 or 4 days.  Most stations need a year-long fundraising plan that will meet donors in a variety of different ways, including an on-air event.


8. There are still some big markets without a CCM station, why do you think that is?

I think the better question is why are there some towns (like mine) with 3 stoplights, that can get 6 different Christian stations-many doing the same format.


9. What (if any) Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today?

I have several on my list, including stations outside the shores of the US…but it would be ungentlemanly of me to elaborate.


10. Where do you see John Brock in 5 years?

Likely in a city somewhere with my tail on fire, passionately helping a station fund the work that God has called them to do.  (and probably getting choked up over a changed life story or when the station reaches the financial need!)




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