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Beth's Career Capsule
Beth began her career in radio working in the research department at WLOL in Minneapolis. Air shifts soon followed in the Twin Cities on the Jersey Shore and Rockford, Illinois. After some time spent with The Second City in Chicago she found herself doing on camera traffic reports on Fox 5’s Good Day New York. With a move to the west coast came stops KRON-TV and Midday’s on San Jose’s Hot 97.7 and nights at KFRC which segued her into nights at Young Country 93.3 in San Francisco (thank you Rick Torcaso).  She ran out of sunscreen and landed back on the east coast with a brief stint at Rhythmic CHR KTU then late nights on New York’s Jammin 105. Already a listener and supporter of WAWZ Beth wound up on the debut air staff of STAR 99.1 in 2003.  Currently Beth hosts afternoons at WFSH/Atlanta.


1.  What's new and exciting?

Mind if I take the mom route with this? I must boast that my daughter, Haylee, recently won a Kennedy Center Award for artistic excellence, and her photographs will be displayed in the Smithsonian. My response when she told me this was “Really?! You? With those pictures you took underwater last summer at the pool?” What’s exciting about me ? I don’t know, but I’ve never won a Kennedy Center Award.


2. You've been doing this quite awhile, do you ever even think about doing something else? (why or why not)

I am constantly thinking about my style as a personality, and how to grow myself on air, and in the business. Being on the air everyday is a gift. Coaching talent is another gift, and an awesome extension. I’ve been coaching some fantastic personalities and artists that consistently grow their skills with love and passion. It’s really wonderful to see, and hear.


3. You've been in smaller markets and worked you way up, once you're behind the mic what's the difference?

From my perspective, once you open the mic, no matter where you are, compelling radio is compelling radio. Even more so with the CCM format.
God does not care about the market size, but rather the soul of that one listener whose heart is being touched.


4. Regarding your air shift, what is the 1 main thing you do every day to prepare?

Repeat after me: prayer and caffeine, prayer and caffeine, prayer and caffeine!


5. If you were 16 again, would you still pursue a career in radio today?

Absolutely, and I would have added more involvement with music and production. I always been very performance and promotion based.


6. Is syndication a threat or a blessing?

Depends on who’s being syndicated. There is always a way to take the time to make a syndicated show have local splash.


7. What 1 thing do you regret NOT doing earlier in your on air career?

I wish I would have documented that time better. I would have saved more of the memories, labeled the pictures and cassettes with a little more care. Everything from the bumper stickers, to the carts and tape I used to pull, before everything was put on computer. I have been blessed with some amazing influence and experience prior to the digital age.


8. There are still some big markets without a CCM station, why do you think that is, will this change?

All radio is contingent on sticks, revenue, marketplace and opportunity. Where this continues to grow, so will more CCM formats.


9. What (if any) Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today?

What’s innovative in one area might sound differently in another. Most CCM stations are swinging for the fence daily, seeking His face, and stuck in a mix of secular stations that also state they are ‘safe for the whole family.’ I think being a 'healthy' station trumps innovation. Wise is the company that invests in consistent leadership training, and grows talent.


10. Where do you see Christian Radio in 5 years?

Thriving and consolidated.



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