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Sally Barton

Station Manager


Prescott, AZ



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Sally's Career Capsule
Sally Barton is a radio station manager experienced in national media as a syndicated radio program producer, radio host and public spokesperson.  After 12 years of serving exclusively as wife and mother, God provided an opportunity to serve Him at Family Life Radio.  A part-time position eventually became a full-time role as Executive Producer of nationally syndicated “Parent Talk Radio” with Dr. Randy Carlson and Dr. Kevin Leman now known as “Intentional Living.” 

The Envoy Group, a Christian marketing and advertising agency, invited Sally to join their efforts to launch the Presidential Prayer Team.  At God’s perfect timing the team came together just days before 9/11 providing an opportunity for the nation to unite in prayer through an interactive website.  The Presidential Prayer Team website gained international attention when it was recognized as the most visited website in the world.       

Currently, Sally serves as the Station Manager for Radio Shine 90.9FM in Prescott, Arizona. As an event speaker, Sally delivers compelling messages focused on building successful personal and professional relationships. Sally’s great joy is found in her roles as wife, mom and grandma.  Her life focus is communicating a message of hope, joy and peace provided by the saving grace of Jesus, she shares, “I believe life is a great adventure and knowing that there is a purpose for the days of our life is a great comfort from which we can all draw strength.” 

1. How has KGCB evolved over the last few years?

Grown from tiny roots to the most powerful Christian radio station in Arizona, Radio Shine sends a message of hope across our state. Radio Shine signed on air as KGCB December 8, 1994, with one staff member and programming that included a live Morning Show, four half-hour teaching programs and inspirational music. KGCB was operating out of a small 55-year-old rented house when the Board of Directors, in 2000, laid the foundation for the future direction of KGCB. Music programming was changed to an Adult Contemporary mix and the first translator at 90.7 FM provided a greatly-enhanced signal to Flagstaff.

10 years on air were celebrated with payment of the last debt incurred at the station start-up, and a Ground-Breaking Ceremony for construction of a 5,000 square-foot hilltop building, the land for which was purchased and debt-free. A second translator at 101.9 FM in Wickenburg provided signal clarity for that community. Subscription music services were discontinued and KGCB produced 100 percent of its music programming by August, 2005, when the station moved to a new 5,000 square foot hilltop home.
KGCB’s signal from a 100,000-watt transmitter on Mingus Mountain reaches from Flagstaff on the north fringe into Phoenix on the fringe to the south.


2. Have the KGCB fundraisers been affected by the economy? How?

The downturn in the economy is inescapable; however, I believe a community of believers will support what they value. The Radio Shine team is challenged to remain relevant, connected and vital.
Innovative ideas help too. I bring my experience as a live, interactive, talk radio producer to our Gift Drives by involving articulate, fun, devoted listeners. They join us on-air in our “”Phone Zone,” facilitating the delivery of the message of our ministry by reading pledges and providing their stories, describing how Radio Shine is making a difference in their lives. This is a new idea for our station and has proved to be a great benefit. These listener/announcers intrinsically feel a sense of belonging and they tell their friends they can be heard on Radio Shine who then tune in and tell a friend.


3. Recently you hired a new PD, Dan Young. Tell us about that.

Dan Young joins the Radio Shine family at a significant time in our history. After 11 years of dedicated, effective service, current Program Director Mike Medlin leaves us to become a missionary for Emerge Missions, serving in the Philippines. Before I began the search for our new Program Director I went to the Lord in prayer and asked that His will be done but…I had my own wish list!
I asked God for a person who loved Him with all their heart, soul and mind. I felt our greatest need was for a strategically-driven programmer who had a passion and focus on serving our community by presenting the Gospel with excellence relating personally with our listeners.

We have an amazing team here at Radio Shine, demonstrating a love for the Lord and each other every day. Joy and laughter flow through the halls of the station. It’s a grace-filled environment that allows us to be creative and to grow in the Lord. It was important that our new PD fit our family environment. Bringing Dan, his wife Debra and their son, Joshua, out for a visit confirmed they would be an ideal addition to our team.

My media career began with Family Life Radio and Dr. Randy Carlson’s program “Parent Talk” now known as “Intentional Living.” I hoped to find a person who, like me, had experience with a national network of stations bringing a big vision to a local community. Dan comes to us from Northwestern College stations KNWI/KNWM, a perfect fit with my previous experience and desire to usher in the next generation for Radio Shine.


4. What was the response to the PD opening at KGCB?

We received qualified applications from Maine to California and everywhere in between, including Iowa! There are many wonderful Programmers who are seeking an opportunity to utilize their talents and abilities to serve the Lord through radio.


5. What kind of promotions work best for KGCB?

Interactive promotions work best for Radio Shine. Our desire is to follow Jesus’ example of service by creating promotions leading our listeners to be actively involved in giving back – inspiring and empowering listeners to make a difference in our community. Our community promotions are facilitated by our growing group of volunteers, our “Friends of Radio Shine.”


6. Regarding Christian Record labels, is there anything you would like them to know about KGCB that they might not know now?

Our 100,000-watt transmitter provides signal coverage to the majority of Arizona’s population, we are excited to introduce artists to Arizona. We would love to host more artist concerts and luncheons – come on out to see us.


7. In your opinion what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today?

Creating a sense of community and belonging—our attention is so divided there is a general lack of focus on any one delivery source for encouragement, information and fellowship. Scripture outlines in 1 Corinthians 12, “We are a body made up of many parts, but all its many parts form one body.” Our biggest challenge is to actively engage the members of our community they must believe they are vital to the continuation of Radio Shine.


8. What do you believe is the primary role of the Christian Radio Station Manager?

Track shoes, endurance to run the race with grace and a ready smile! My professional media career was built on a foundation of networking and connecting. I see relationship building with the people and ministries in the community as primary to my role as Station Manager.  Developing, encouraging and casting a clear vision for Radio Shine’s dedicated staff is essential for forward movement. It is a fine balance between the celebration of arriving and pressing on toward the next goal.

God provided an amazing opportunity for me to be involved in the launch of the Presidential Prayer Team. Much of the success of that launch was due to sharing a vision and inviting people into that vision. When I am offered the opportunity to speak to various groups and emcee events, I am actively sharing the vision of Radio Shine. I am excited about serving through radio to a local community, and energized to realize our listeners feel they belong to the Radio Shine family.


9. What (if any) Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today?

This from Radio Shine Program Director, Dan Young, “I think that Christian radio is incredibly fertile ground for innovation. The promotions team at KSBJ are coming up with some really impressive ways to make a difference in Houston, and the folks at KXOJ have a great balance of being fearless and strategic in how they embrace new technology. Having previously worked for Northwestern Media, I know I’m a bit biased, but I do think that KTIS and all of Northwestern’s stations have incredibly talented and creative people that are breaking new ground for Christian radio.”


10. Where do you see Sally Barton in 5 years?

Five years from now I pray I will be living life with zeal being used of the Lord, as I am today, communicating a message of hope, joy and peace provided by the saving grace of Jesus.

God has provided life experiences that are on one hand typical; wife, mother and homemaker and yet unique and varied in Christian media. Knowing that there is a purpose for the experiences of my life, I believe God will continue to provide an outlet for my passion that involves delivering a message of His peace that passes understanding.



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