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Chuck Pryor

Director Of Programming

EMF Broadcasting

Rocklin, CA



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Chuck's Career Capsule
It all started back in the day with a random meeting at a Chuck E Cheese in Peoria, IL. I met the manager of WCIC in 1984, and my career in radio began with giant a singing rat (or is it a mouse?) blaring in the background… After 15 years in Peoria doing everything from part time weekends, trash duties, MD, PD, Mornings, etc. I went to Champaign where I managed WBGL for five years.  In 2005 I left Champaign for the great state of Texas to be the PD at KSBJ and in 2009 came to EMF.  


1. Describe the feeling you had when you first at arrived at KLOVE as its new PD?

Grateful… Overwhelmed… Ecstatic… Frightened… Fulfilled… Panicked… See the pattern here? Honestly, I was then and I’m still extremely grateful to be part of this team. I wish everyone had the opportunity to be on a team like this.


2. What aspect of KLOVE programming did you first evaluate?

Mostly just getting to know the team, the processes, learning how we do things. We were also in the midst of a lot of change with air staff so I worked closely with David Pierce to find the best place for everyone on the team.


3. What advice would you give to a programmer who is new to a station?

Go slow. Take the time needed to learn your new environment first… build trust with the team, then begin to make the changes you feel are needed.


4. How does KLOVE connect locally with markets?

Several ways:

1) We have local promotion teams in our top markets that consist of 1 to 3 people depending on the market. These guys are great at connecting in the local communities that we serve and really are the eyes and ears in the communities that we serve.

2) We also have local avails for our markets and provide free airtime for other local non-profits.

3) We have a great local public affairs team that makes sure we are not only compliant but also go above and beyond to make sure we’re serving our local communicates well.

4) We also do a local market breakaway in the event of emergency like severe weather. We have the ability to break away from the network with the push of a button and cover any local needs at any time in any of our markets.  Our newsroom in covered 24/7/365 and our team monitors all of our markets closely and jumps in when called for.

5) This year we’re really getting our air staff to more of our local markets for live broadcasts and to serve alongside local ministries. We’ve done several already in the first few months of 2012 and have many others planned.


5. Does KLOVE (EMF) want to buy stations in other countries?

I’m not sure to be honest… My job is to program the radio station the best it can be if we’re in one market or 1000. I do know it’s in our heart to be where God wants us and He seems to be opening doors that we could of never imagined.


6. What do you tell someone who says "radio should be local"?

Radio should be relevant… that’s first. As a friend of mine always reminded me “the local cable access show never beat Jay Leno in any market…” Relevant always wins and quality will attract an audience regardless of where it originates.


7. In your opinion what are the biggest obstacles facing KLOVE?

Keeping up with the demands and pace…  we’re all busy (I’m writing this at 3:30am) and it’s hard to remember the most important stuff sometimes. I can’t remember the last time I took two hours out of my day and just drove around listening to my station to hear it like our listeners do. But I plan to today…


8. What do you do to keep the KLOVE air staff on track and focused?

Thanks for not asking them this question. I've found that cattle prods and time outs work very well.


9. Recently we've heard some new imaging on KLOVE as well as an adjustment to the music, can you give us some insight into this?

On the imaging we're trying to me more musical in our approach and less "tazer gun" sonically...  as far as music goes we're always trying to find a way to play songs our audience loves but also expose them to something new or outside the box. We're always looking for a song that we think will work even if it's not a traditional AC artist. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Music has always gone in waves over the years and when we find a sound that works everyone sort of follows the current and next thing you know everything sounds alike. Our hope is that we can help find songs that may challenge the sameness but still work withink the audience and brand. Sometimes people dont know what they want until they hear it. Jonathan Ive from Apple had a good perspective on this “We don’t do focus groups — that is the job of the designer. It’s unfair to ask people who don’t have a sense of the opportunities of tomorrow from the context of today to design.”  I know we cant force listeners to eat their broccoli if they dont want to but we want to give them a taste of what's out there. Sometimes they bite... sometimes they dont.


10. What is the one thing you've accomplished in your Christian radio career that you're most proud of?

It’s not really something that I’ve accomplished myself but I’m so thankful to have been part of such amazing teams over the years. God has blessed me with opportunities that I don’t deserve and others are more qualified for but in every case I’ve felt called to be where I served.  That holds true today.


11. Where do you see Chuck Pryor in 5 years?

Professionally speaking I hope to be serving at EMF in whatever capacity is best for the team. Personally?  Riding my motorcycle over some beautiful mountain pass or on some stretch of the loneliest highway in America.




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